5 Tips on How to Get a Job in the Marijuana Industry

The cannabis industry is exploding. With state after state caving to public pressure and legalizing the plant for medicinal and recreational use, the market for cannabis and cannabis products is expanding quickly. These leaves many a cannabis connoisseur wondering how to get a job in the marijuana industry. It isn’t as simple as planting a … Read more

How To Always Stay On Top of Algorithm Changes in Google in 2018

  Keeping up with your Google algorithm changes is always a challenge, and 2018 won’t be any different. Google’s algorithm is shifting again. If you’re not prepared, you’ll be left behind and your search engine ranking will plummet. Without a good SEO strategy, you won’t make Google’s coveted first page. You might as well be … Read more

How to Use Social Media for Your Cannabis Marketing

cannabis social media marketing

The cannabis industry is still in its infant stages in the United States. Despite the fact that many states have voted to legalize or decriminalize marijuana, it’s still illegal on the federal level. This strange legal limbo has made it difficult for entrepreneurs to get banks accounts, pay taxes, and simply run their business. It’s … Read more