3 Webflow SEO Tips to Boost Your Rankings

70% of businesses do not have an SEO strategy for their website. That means that 70% of companies are not getting the results they probably hope to see.

If you are one of those businesses, you may want to think about improving your Webflow SEO. To do so, we’ve compiled some of the top tips to increase your SEO to rank higher on search engines.

Read on to learn about them!

1. Optimize the Title Tags and the Meta Description

While you may want to focus on the body of your posts, you cannot forget the title tags and the meta descriptions. These are extremely important when it comes to a search engine’s understanding of what your post is about, as well as your overall website content.

This can help the search engine rank you higher if done correctly.

On the Webflow site, there is a specific area to optimize these two things. Keep your primary keyword in mind in the title and description when optimizing.

In the description, in addition to the keyword, you also want to make sure it caters to what people may be searching on Google since this will help to rank your post higher.

2. Make Sure Your URL Is Optimized for SEO

Google believes your site URL tells them exactly what that page is about. So if you have a blog post about the best places to travel in Italy, your URL needs to hint toward that. If it doesn’t, it is not optimized for SEO.

For instance, you wouldn’t want this:

  • www.insertwebsitenamehere.com/blogpost-5

Google cannot tell what your website post is about and will not use it in the rankings.

Instead, for a post about travel in Italy, you want your URL to look something like this:

  • www.insertwebsitenamehere.com/where-to-travel-in-Italy

Now, Google knows what your post is about and can rank it.

With SEO for Webflow, you can easily modify your URL to tell Google what it is about.

3. Have a Clear Navigation Structure

Have you ever gone to a website and not know where to find a specific page? If so, you probably navigated away relatively quickly.

You need a straightforward navigation structure to prevent this from happening to your site. Putting tabs at the top with different drop-down menus will help people find what they are looking for.

Not only will this help Google rank your site higher, but you’ll also have users stay on your site longer since it is more user-friendly.

Optimize Your Webflow SEO

Webflow SEO is pretty intuitive, so you can easily make changes to your site and optimize it.

To optimize your SEO for Webflow, you will want to follow these three tips to get better results. Once you do, you may start noticing more traffic coming to your site!

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