7 Stellar Examples of Great Cannabis Branding

Stuck on how to present your product or business in the right light? You want to make sure people love what you’re selling, but how do you harness all that into one stellar branding style?

Using examples can be a great way to find inspiration for your own endeavors. Here are some fantastic cannabis branding efforts that demonstrate great principles for you to use with your business. Take a look.

1. Approachable

Branding that puts customers at ease is part of a top notch SEO plan, so something approachable helps. House of Jane sells Keurig pods with cannabis-infused tea, and their design is classic and approachable, something their company also strives to be.

This type of branding draws customers who like the look of other Keurig pods. This makes them feel comfortable buying a new product because it looks like other ones they’ve already tried.

2. Innocent and Harmless

Who is more un-threatening than a little old grandma? Auntie Dolores knows their customers won’t think twice about buying their cannabis brownies because they’ve used a lace design around their logo and titled the company an innocent name that reminds customers of the elderly ladies in their lives.

Evoking a memory is a great way to help consumers feel confident about the products they’re buying.

3. Artisanal Style

Some people will pay more if they know a product was handmade or created with care, so if you want to attract that demographic, harness their passions. Artisanal packaging and heavy-duty materials give Lola Lola boxes the style they need to draw that type of consumer.

They’ll also love the art on the outside, something familiar that resembles other masterpieces that already decorate their home.

4. Be Clear

Clarity about your product assures your customers know what they’re getting. Using a marijuana leaf in your branding, like Leafs by Snoop does, drives away all questions about the product, and takes care of any doubts.

Any brand that creates more customer questions than it answers won’t do well with their marketing strategies.

5. Sophisticated Cannabis Branding

If you want your company to stand out, then giving it a reputation different from the norm is the way to go. Kiva Confections did just that with their modern, clean-cut labels and printing style, allowing consumers of their medical marijuana edibles to feel posh when they order.

6. Use Puns

While plays on words can be distasteful, when done the right way, as Apothecanna does with their cream for pain relief, it can be a way to help customers remember your company. Titles and branding to go along with the literary form of wit boost their mood just enough to give your customers a positive association with your company. As long as you choose the right style of pun, your consumers will love it.

7. Adventurous Style

A company like Wana Edibles, which uses mountains and font that evoke adventure and the outdoors, is a great example of cannabis branding. They want their customers to be eco-conscious like they are, and giving their product a health food look helps market that idea to their buyers.

Knowing your consumer gives you an advantage when you’re deciding on a direction for your branding style.

Marketing Your Business

When you’re seeking a method for marketing your business, these cannabis branding examples can help. Once you know your customer and how they think, then choosing a presentation style they’ll love and find confidence in won’t be as hard.

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