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How to Stay Ahead of Google Updates Before They Happen

By | July 24th, 2017|How Tos, Search Engine Algorithms, Search Engine Optimization|

  Are you in the know about the latest Google update, known as Fred? Google updates don't happen weekly or even monthly. But, when an update does happen, you want to be well aware of it. Google's main goal is to provide Internet users with quality search results. This means that the company's algorithm that provides those results must be [...]

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How To Change User Permissions In Google Analytics

By | February 29th, 2016|Analytics, How Tos, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing|

User permissions You can assign user permissions at the account, property, and view levels. To assign permissions, select the Admin tab, and click User Management in the ACCOUNT, PROPERTY, or VIEW column. Four permissions are available that you can apply singly or in combination: Manage Users: Can manage account users (add/delete users, assign permissions). Does not include Edit or Collaborate. Edit: [...]

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Mashable Employs An Old Adsense Strategy… And It’s Working

By | April 2nd, 2015|How Tos, Search Engine News, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing|

I'd like to start out by saying that I love Mashable. I see their posts on my FB feed multiple times per day, and click at least 1-2 and read and skim. According to some sources, they put out up to 30+ posts per day, but promote double that on social media. (Huffington post is rumored to put out 1200 [...]