Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management

(PPC) Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Pay-per-click ads are those that appear on the top and the right-hand side of most Google Searches. Each ad is submitted and paid for by the company that would like to advertise and is then listed through 2 major programs:

  • Adwords (Google)
  • Facebook PPC

There are a few others, but these 2 are the leading choices for today’s businesses.

Which company appears in which slot is determined by an auction-style environment, with some variations based on the quality of the ad and the keyword search.

About 10-12% of all clicks on search engine results pages are from these paid advertisements. This is not massive,  but it is significant, especially when you consider this is targeted marketing at its best:

the end user is actively trying to make a purchase based on the keyword searched.

When done creatively and effectively, Pay-per-click campaigns can be most effective when they are done creatively and effectively. The best part about PPC is that if your current campaign is not working for you or your business, the keywords can be switched so better ones will be used, or turn it off altogether. There is no up-front PPC investment. We can help you with a PPC campaign. Contact us with our online form to discuss your PPC project.