Google News and Its New Minimalist Look

Google News and Its New Minimalist Look

Google News is one of the most trusted sources for world news.

Because of this, Google is revolutionizing their News section. Google is developing a minimalist view, perfect for users who desire more control over the way News is viewed.

The minimalist view of News will be focused on facts and their different perspectives.

This results in a user interface that makes News more readable.

Read on and find out these exciting innovations Google developed.

Easier Navigation

Google News will feature these three sections on the navigation bar:

  • Headlines
  • Local
  • For You

You can customize the ‘Local’ and ‘For You’ tabs. The Local tab will feature stories from subjects such as local schools and local businesses. These can come from local and national reputable publications.

The Headlines section focuses on the latest news and updates from around the world.

This was established to cut down on clutter and improve the user experience.

Customizable Navigation Bar

There’s no need to search keywords and scroll through the results to find what news stories you need. Google News now allows you to completely customize the navigation bar to tailor your preferences.

This allows you to quickly jump to exactly what it is you want to read, whether it’s the latest updates in politics or information about your favorite TV show.

Just click the ‘For You’ section on the navigation bar to view the latest reads for your desired picks.

Story Cards

When reading about certain news updates and issues, you’ll be able to gain an in-depth view of the story at hand.

You’ll first be shown a quick glance at a story. And you have the option to easily search around, using certain keywords relating to the same story.

You also have the option to access the Full Coverage page. This helps you fully view a story you’re interested in.

Google News and SEO

Google is the SEO authority, so the redesigned News layout affects SEO to some degree.

So of course, publications and marketing professional want to know the latest in Google SEO.

Nothing has changed as far as content is concerned: Google requires news-focused content, which doesn’t include subjects such as share prices or ‘tips and advice’ articles.

Google is placing more emphasis on keywords since they directly affect the Story Card. So it’s important to follow all keyword standards for better visibility.

Video content is becoming more prevalent. Google revamped its video algorithms and player.

To be on the top of the Story Card, a publication must have powerful keywords in the content such as the title, description, and all meta content.

Fact Check

The fact check label on Google isn’t new, but Google enhanced this feature to better view a publication’s credibility.

When you read a story, you can conveniently access fact-checking rather than searching for separate sources.

You can also view the top fact-checked articles to prevent from doing the fact checking yourself.

However, this feature is only available on the Headlines tab and is only available to U.S. visitors for now.

Take a Look at the New Google News

Google improved their News section so you can tailor the page to your needs and interests. This includes improved navigation and readability, but also a more customizable approach to viewing the latest news.

With the redesigned News, you’re your own personal newspaper designer!

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