Google Wonder Wheel for SEO

Google Wonder Wheel for SEO

It has recently been tested that if one takes advantage of adding G Wonder Wheel suggestions to a blog post geared towards ranking for one specific keyword, then that main keyword should rank better as well.  For example, when doing a search in G for “sales jobs” , then clicking on the left nav “Wonder Wheel” we return G’s best supporting keywords related to that term.

The keywords returned this time were:

Sales recruiters


Software sales jobs

Marketing jobs

Medical sales jobs

Entry level sales jobs

Pharmaceutical sales jobs

Sales management jobs

These suggestions are considered the most relevant supporters of the main keyword. So, it is thought that if we include some of these keywords in a post that sends a link to a site with the main keyword being “sales jobs”, then this post and it’s links should be considered more relevant for that term, therefore getting juice from G.



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