How Organic SEO Services Will Protect You From Google’s Updates

If you’re here, you probably know how much SEO matters. You might not, however, know how much more organic SEO matters than SEO in general.

And we can’t blame you here. There is a lot of confusion about how we should best advertise our online services.

Fortunately, we’re the resident experts on this topic, so we can tell you that organic SEO is the way to go if you want to protect yourself from Google’s future updates.

So how exactly do organic SEO services protect you from those updates? Here are just a few ways in which you’ll be dodging if you go organic with your strategy:

Paying to Play Gets You Penalized

Don’t get us wrong here. Paid search can yield positive results if used effectively, so we’re not trying to tell you to put your SEM campaign on halt.

But here’s the truth: PPC campaigns won’t aren’t as great of a long-term strategy as organic SEO.

Even Google concedes this point. The company makes it pretty clear that its primary responsibility is to its users. For this reason, the company doesn’t want companies paying their way to the top.

In fact, Google (and other search engines) has even gone so far as to discourage paid search in some ways. This means that PPC is not as viable as it once was.

Google Loves Good Content

Organic SEO emphasizes quality content. And, unsurprisingly enough, Google loves good content, so much so that the quality of a site’s contents weighs heavily on its ranking.

Of course, you don’t get to decide what “good” content is. The search engine allows its users to do this by letting them effectively choose the content they prefer. When other websites link to your content, that also indicates that your content is useful to users.

This is what organic SEO is all about, which means that using organic SEO services will guarantee that your content receives the organic traffic it needs.

Organic SEO Is Forever

Though the penalties and Google’s love of quality content are good enough reasons to rely on organic SEO, we’ve yet to reveal the best benefit of organic SEO yet.

Simply put, organic SEO is forever.

Yeah, you can run a paid search campaign and convert a few people. Those conversions, however, won’t do much for your site’s ranking in the long run since Google doesn’t allow PPC campaigns to affect SEO. There’s also the issue of continuing to funnel money into new PPC campaigns.

SEO, on the other hand, requires none of the constant funneling. Your site can maintain a decent rank if you manage your content well by procuring authoritative, white hat backlinks and doing the proper amount of outreach.

And, unlike PPC, it can do all of that while it protects you from those dreaded penalties.

Invest in Organic SEO Services

If you’ve learned anything at all here, we’re hoping that you’ve learned that organic is the way to go these days. It truly is better for your business, and you’ll see that in the long run if you go organic.