How to Stay Ahead of Google Updates Before They Happen

Are you in the know about the latest Google update, known as Fred? Google updates don’t happen weekly or even monthly. But, when an update does happen, you want to be well aware of it.

Google’s main goal is to provide Internet users with quality search results. This means that the company’s algorithm that provides those results must be updated often.

Algorithm maintenance often involves changes. And these changes can impact your SEO techniques and website ranking.

So how can you stay ahead of Google updates?

Read on to learn how you can stay ahead of algorithm changes. With the right SEO techniques, you don’t have to worry about a slip in your site’s ranking.

How to Beat Google Updates

Google doesn’t often announce an update until after it occurs. And even then, the company doesn’t always acknowledge an algorithm change.

Since these changes are unpredictable, you’ll need to implement solid SEO techniques to maintain your ranking.

Here are tips to make your site Google update proof.

1. Use Proper SEO Techniques

SEO is what drives your page’s ranking in search engine results. If your site implements quality SEO techniques, your website is likely to have a high rank.

So which SEO techniques are most important for beating Google updates?

Produce Quality Content

Google main goal is to provide useful search results. Your goal should be to produce useful content that Google can present to users.

This means that every piece of content on your site must be informational. Content also needs to be:

  • Entertaining
  • Authoritative
  • Useful
  • Interesting

New content should be posted on your website as often as possible. At the least post new content twice a month.

Fresh content is Google’s algorithm’s best friend!

Ensure Website Usability

What good is quality content if the website it’s hosted on isn’t usable? User experience is a must to maintain a high ranking

Website usability involves a lot of factors. Your site should be easy to navigate. The layout and theme should be easy on the eyes.

Other factors include page load times and functional hyperlinks.

2. Use Page Monitoring Tools

Page monitoring tools are useful for keeping tabs on your website’s ranking. You can use this type of tool to:

  • Prevent website score and relevance because of content changes
  • Gain awareness of modifications to your site that may impact ranking position
  • Monitor rival site position

Page monitoring tools will notify you of content changes before your site is modified.

In the event of a Google update, you’ll want to ensure your content is sound.

3. Keep in Contact With the Gurus

There are plenty of online experts who closely monitor Google’s algorithm. To be in the know of the latest updates, follow important figures such as John Mueller.

Stay in touch with other webmasters who routinely monitor Google updates. Other useful contacts include:

  • Google Webmasters
  • Barry Schwartz
  • Bill Slawski