Pinterest Boards In Bing Results and How You Can Improve Your Pinterest SEO

Here’s how we can maximize our efforts. Strap in.

So with a quick bit of research I’ve determined that relevancy for this type of rich search listing in Bing is based entirely on keywords and pinterest social authority. But mostly Keywords.

For example, a search for OUTDOOR LIGHTING IDEAS returns these results:


bing result1


Dreamyard is a model for Pinterest SEO. We should look at what they are doing, and do it better. If you click their listing here,

bing result2

You get a list of images, but in the first slot is a link to their Pinterest board on outdoor lighting ideas. Let’s look at that.

dreamyard outdoor lighting

They have great KW density in the title and description, and all the images below are labeled properly, with the main keyword smattered throughout. They also have a decent following, initially because of their good SEO I would presume.

If we look at all of their boards we see this:

dreamyard pinterest

Here’s a board that might be lacking:

capitol pinterest

So try and have a sweet and well maintained Pinterest account with tons of great images and a good amount of social interaction! You can capitalize on this by giving people what they want and answering their questions. Pinterest answers questions visually. Common lighting keyword searches for images would be:

  • _______ Lighting ideas
  • _______ Lighting Pictures
  • _______ Lighting Tips
  • _______ Lighting Designs


One strategy might be to build out an “Ideas” board for EVERY category you offer.