SEO Basics – Tip 1

SEO Basics – Tip 1

From SEO Design Solutions:


All parts of your website should accentuate your relevance. Of the most important are the first occurrence of a keyword in the title, url (, and the h1 (your main header tag) which signifies what that page is about.

If all three of these parts are support the same keywords (“buy trucks online”),  that is considered high co-occurrence. Other variables for co-occurrence are meta description, inbound links and tags.

Lastly, it ALWAYS helps to have the keywords located within the text on the page.

I can say from personal experience in the business that if one follow JUST THIS ONE tip, they could begin to rank right away (depending on the level of competition).

Another tip would be to gain links to your site from other sites in your network. Google and the other search engines love to see links to your site.

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