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An SEO Company in NJ focuses on tradiional SEO and how it relates to the New Jersey geography, nuances, and compliance.

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Reputation Management


Search Geek Solutions' "Reviews and Reputation Management" automates the process of  improving the quality and quantity of reviews across the websites that matter.

We offer small businesses their own access to enterprise reputation management software, and streamline their user experience so that they can build their businesses reputation while improving their visibility in organic search.


SEO Company New Jersey

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Organic Search Marketing (SEO) is one of the best ways to create targeted traffic for your small business website. There are countless ways to generate traffic, but often times visitors are not targeted correctly, and end up viewing your site but not converting to customers. It’s important to create targeted traffic for your site. When organic search marketing is done properly, your website’s pages will attract visitors who are searching on specific keywords and keyword phrases.

This is what targeted traffic means - getting people to view your website that want to see the content. Just like in the offline world, when you create a business, you have to tell people about it. You don’t just open shop and hope people find out about you. A website is the same thing. You need exposure, and since there are millions of people online, you especially need targeted exposure.

Search Geek Solutions provides best in class SEO marketing campaigns for competitive keywords. Custom Search Marketing campaigns include:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Analytics to determine ROI
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing page and Web development
  • Blog Setup and Management
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media Signals
  • Link-building
  • Content development services with specific performance benchmarks
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Detailed, Transparent Monthly reporting on Links, Engagement, Traffic, and Conversions
  • ROI Checkpoints


Search Engine Optimization Strategies

  • SEO-Company-Montclair-New-Jersey-NJLet our seasoned professionals carefully select the most powerful keywords and key phrases that pertain to your industry. From there we will seamlessly weave them into your website’s content, meta tags and title.
  • Proper keyword selection and proximity of key phrases is essential to getting your site a great search engine ranking. Particularly when combined with off-page link building services.
  • Creating focused content is one of the most effective SEO Services NJ design principles that can quickly establish your brand and communicate not only to your customers, but to potential link partners or directories that your site is valuable and is an asset in their mutual long term internet marketing strategy. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Content Marketing

blog-content-creation-njCreating keyword-rich tactful and compelling content is one of the most effective SEO principles to establish your pages in search engines. The content on your pages extends beyond just conveying information to your customers; it also can impact influential editors or bloggers who will link to your site if your content is an asset in their long term internet marketing strategy.

Search Geek Solutions’ experienced copywriters will create (500-5000 word) blog posts using targeted keywords that can be posted on your website’s blog. The packages offered are for monthly subscriptions.



What is SEO?

Have you ever gone online and searched for an answer to a question that you have, a specific type of product or service? Then gone with one of the first few recommendations that the search engine brought up? This is true of what most people do these days. What you won’t have done is trailed through pages of recommendations and selected on the second or third page. That is because we want quick answers when it comes to using the internet, and this is when your business can benefit from Search Engine Optimization. Your website needs to be ranked and be one of the first few links that are presented on page one of the search engine results. Otherwise, it is a missed opportunity.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process that will put your website up at the top of the search results. There are several ways that you promote your local business, and SEO is one of the key ways that you can do it. All too often, a business may neglect the power of SEO and as a result of that, will find that their website doesn’t necessarily drive the targeted traffic that the business desires. Having a specific and targeted SEO strategy will help your company to start to see the type of search results that it needs in order to drive targeted customers to their website, which in turn, will become sales and generate profit for the business.

There is also a difference between on-page and off-site SEO, but both are needed when it comes to your website and the overall performance of driving targeted traffic to your business. On-page SEO is something that is easier to understand, whereas off-site SEO is referred to as the techniques that go beyond the website design and content. Off-site SEO is more specific to the web link building services that you may utilize, such as gaining more trust from sources outside of your business. Whereas on-site SEO is more focused on your website becoming trusted in terms of the content that you provide and the use of keywords and keyword phrases. This is when using a NJ SEO company to help with your SEO needs can give you a stronger advantage and mixing the two sorts of SEO can help maximize the results and the potential that your business has.

NJ SEO Company services for small businesses

Organic search marketing is one of the leading ways that you can create a more targeted approach to the traffic that your small business website receives. There are many different ways that a business can generate traffic, but often you will find that the right sort of visitors are not targeted as well as they could be. It is vital that you create targeted traffic to your website as this tends to turn a lead into a sale. When organic search marketing and SEO services are done properly, your website's pages will attract visitors who have been searching for specific items where your website will be of interest. This is done through them searching for specific keywords and keyword phrases.

This is what targeted traffic generated and it enables people to view your website that want to see that sort of content. When you create a business, that perhaps has a shop or physical location where people can visit, you need to tell people about your business in order for it to be a success. The same is said when it comes to creating a business in the online world. A physical shop can’t just rely on people walking past it, it needs to be talked about and advertised. You can’t just rely on people that will happen to come across your website and be interested in the content that you have online, you need them to be told about it, and suggested.


You need exposure, and since there are millions of people online, targeted exposure can help you get the right sort of attention that your business and website deserves. You only have to look at your own personal habits to see the value there is when it comes to having a website that can be brought up on the first-page search engine results. We all look to the internet for an answer these days, and so having targeted exposure done in the right way can help you to achieve that.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Your SEO company in NJ can provide you with many different options to consider to cover all of your search engine optimization needs.

They have seasoned professionals that can carefully select some of the most powerful keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your industry and business. From there, they will seamlessly weave them into your website's content, meta tags, and titles. Helping your content to then be evident and showcased when it comes to search engine results.

Proper keyword selection and proximity of key phrase is an essential factor to help your website generate a great search engine ranking. This can work well when combined with off-page link building services.

Your NJ SEO Company can help to create focused content that can quickly establish the most effective SEO services in NJ design principals that can help to establish your brand and communicate it not just with your customers, but also potentially link your business to partners and directories that your site could find useful. Allowing you to become an asset when it comes to al long-term internet marketing strategy. We can discuss all of this in greater detail to help you find the right sort of search engine optimization strategies that will work for your business within your industry.

The one thing to remember is that keywords and keyword phrases are the important factors here, but SEO can also be competitive, especially with many businesses using the same sort of keywords. If you are in the same industry, this can be a very common problem indeed. This then means that your business SEO can become part of a saturated market vying for the attention of search engines. You could also try implementing long tail keywords, which is something that your SEO company can help you with. This can give you the chance of using longer phrases, which means the combination of words used together are not searched as much, but they are also less competitive. It may help to give you a competitive edge. There are many different options to consider, which is why we ensure that all keywords are researched thoroughly to ensure that you get the best possible outcome.


Content Marketing opportunities

We focus on creating keyword-rich, compelling, interesting and tactful content and we feel that this is one of the most compelling effective SEO principles to establish on your website pages for search engines to pick up on. The content on your pages extends beyond just conveying information to your customers, but it can also be impactful for influential editors and bloggers who will then link to your site if the content is an asset in their long term internet marketing strategy.

Blog posts are huge these days, and with so many people taking to the internet to seek out information, a lot of the time, they will be presented with a blog post that will answer their question. Within that blog post, if your website, product, or service is linked, then it can be seen as a reputable recommendation and drive targeted traffic to your website. It can also show that the link is a good source of information for the selected keywords that have been linked, which can then help search engines to suggest it in search engine results.

It is also important for you to remember that your website needs keyword-rich content, and ideally, this should be reviewed as often as possible. Adding to your website in terms of the content that you have increases your chances of becoming trusted when it comes to relevant words being searched out online. Content is one thing that you can easily keep renewed, especially if you have a blog element with your website. Some of the NJ SEO company services that are provided means that we can continually give you a consistent flow of content that is keyword-rich that you can apply to your website in the form of blog posts.


Link Building services

Link development and website promotion helps to provide new customers to your website. Imagine your business website is an island, the only thing that will enable people to visit would be a bridge that connects two islands together, right? This is essentially what link building does for your business in the digital world. The link is the bridge, and it is bridging between one website (island) recommending another (island). Without it, there is no connection and therefore no traffic. The website won’t be able to perform as best as it could do.

However, you can’t just add links anywhere. In fact, all links are not created equal. They are determined by trust, the age of the domain that will be linked to you, and other various factors. The search engines need to trust that website, so in turn, choosing the right site where you can have the connection is vital. You need to ensure that they are trusted. Established sites such as news, blogs, other local companies that are not in direct competition with you and website directories can all be good ports of call to promote your site when it comes to link building services.

Links on webpages provide connections with influential sites. If a popular website is linking to your website, it then acts as a reference point. It says to people and search engines alike that your business is a good site and something that may be of internet necessary to the keywords that have been searched for or used when it comes to the link. However, be mindful that you don’t want your website link to appear everywhere, the places it needs to be seen and referenced should be on trusted websites. Where they may be established for some time, and perhaps have their own search engine optimization on-point when it comes to the platforms that are regularly used. They need to be trusted, in order for your business to build an online profile to also be trusted, when being recommended in search engine results.


Reputation management

Our SEO Company in NJ offers review and reputation management that automates the process of improving the quality of reviews across the websites that matter. We offer small business their own access to an enterprise reputation management software, that can then streamline their user experience so that they can build the business reputation while improving their visibility organically when it comes to search engine optimization strategies.


Top Search Results

We can help you effortlessly appear at the top of search results by using your SEO company in NJ and reach prospects across web and social to help your business flourish. These include Google, YAHOO, Facebook and Bing.


It doesn’t happen overnight

The one big thing to remember with any service such as this is that it doesn’t happen overnight. SEO services, link building, increasing the ranking of your website and domain when it comes to search engines takes time and effort. Placing the links in the right way, improving your keyword and keyword phrases in your content. Not just specific to your website but also social media platforms and any content shared in the online realm when it comes to your business and main hub.

This is something that also requires consistency. It is all well and good focusing on keywords now and making a conscious effort for a few weeks or months, but if you then neglect it and don’t remain consistent, then the search engine ranking can deplete. Meaning any hard work and investment may be wasted.


Hire a NJ Search Engine Optimization Company

If you are a small business who is looking for an SEO services then look no further than our SEO company in NJ. We are local and we can provide bespoke packages to support your SEO needs. We look to create strong rankings and we understand that it is not something that can happen overnight. Even after implementing a number of changes to your website, you will find that it can take months to improve the ranking. Once it does start to rise, you will need to continue on your website to maintain and improve the situation. Content is key, and something that should always be fresh and renewed. This helps to improve your position over time.

There are over a billion websites on the internet. Many of these sites are trying to be number one and relevant when it comes to their business trends and industry. They want to be top of the game when it comes to search engine ranking, so this area of your business is a competitive area. With so much competition continually trying to gain a foothold on search engine results, and perhaps out do you in your industry, it means that SEO is a continuing battle.

With this in mind, your NJ SEO company will provide ongoing maintenance to meet your SEO needs. Ongoing SEO tasks should be carried out if you maintain any of the improvements that you see as a result of your initial SEO improvement works. You need to make SEO a priority for your business and for your website, and the SEO services that can be provided by your seo company in NJ means that you can get the most out of your website and drive targeted traffic that can then be converted into sales.

As we are a NJ SEO company, we have the added benefit of being a company that understands the needs and markets. SEO is an evolving landscape, and local areas are just some of the ways that you can bring targeted customers to your website. Many people are embracing the shop locally trends these days, but having an SEO company that understands the landscape of the community and area, and the key terms that may be used locally, can give you as a client a huge added advantage when it comes to SEO and to bring targeted traffic to your website.

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