SEO for Bing Is Not The Same As SEO for Google

SEO for Bing Is Not The Same As SEO for Google

It is widely known that Bing is gaining major ground in searches, and could even have the potential to surpass Yahoo.  SMX Advanced started this morning in Seattle. During the “SEO for Google vs. Bing: How Different are They?” session, Janet Miller of Search Mojo took what she described as a “big picture” look at the differences between the 2 engines. She initially covered the differences in which both engines display results.

One of the major differences between the user experience of Bing and Google is Bing’s “Document Preview”. Janet said that there were 3 areas where Bing is getting it’s info. for the preview:

  • uses the H1 tag if different from the title tag
  • first paragraphs of info from the page
  • uses contact info if available on page

Also, it seems Bing has been weighing links more than Google, mainly because they have not been around as long as Google, and may be a bit naive.

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