Service-Based Businesses: What “Entity-Based SEO” Is And Is Not

As simplified by Neil Patel (, entity SEO is “anything that could have a specific Wikipedia page about it.”

entity seo

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean:

  • make a wiki page about your brand (although they may want to do this as an established brand, it’s not part of any viable SEO strategy)
  • make wiki pages about other related brand ideas/items.

What doing entity SEO entails in the case of most service-based businesses is:

  • Brand association to top level terms/ideas

    • Doing things like optimizing “______ services” pages will help to strengthen the “service” entity relationship to the brand.
    • Creating citations strengthens the brand entity to be more closely related to its services entity.
    • Structured data is the strongest signal and entity relationship builder because it provides links and maps relationships across content pages that specifically reference agreed-upon categorization in the schema.
    • Creating supportive content for landing pages “strengthens” any “entity,” “idea,” or “concept” across all of the linked pages.
    • Internal linking strengthens relationships between entities, e.g., specific services, and more closely relates the brand entity to these entities.

So, by doing these things, we are doing entity-based SEO, but optimizing for entities is only a part of why this benefits the site. Therefore, search geeks rarely reference efforts as “entity SEO,” as building and strengthening entities create these patterns and consistencies across client sites.