Siteground Negative Review: Very Difficult to Cancel Their Services

Siteground Negative Review: Very Difficult to Cancel Their Services

I wanted to expand our site which called for a large database and the need for some serious site caching. I switched to Siteground because of some good reviews I read on their services. Overall, I think they offer good options and their customer support responds very quickly, at all hours.

But the issue I had was that I needed a pro to optimize my wordpress database and custom caching techniques. This is where they didn’t meet my needs. Not their fault, but I needed to switch, especially when I started closing help tickets of theirs that ended with “Please hire a developer to address this further”.

So I decided to switch to a company that ONLY deals with wordpress. They are very highly regarded and I use them for some of my wordpress clients. This is not an ad for them and I don’t want them connected to a rant post so I will not mention their name.

To cancel with Siteground, I first logged in to our user area, navigated to “Billing”, then followed a few clicks to what seemed to be a self-cancel option. Upon clicking cancel a chat popup appeared. I was then greeted by a representative that said that they’d be happy to cancel but wanted to know why. Any nice person would answer and give their reason, so I typed a few sentences explaining basically what I just explained above. The operator then went on to type a “retention sentence” as I’ll be referring to here, which is what they appeared to do to waste time and make the process longer, so eventually you just cancel canceling! Or maybe they would change your mind, which I bet happens to people that don’t really know what they want. But if you are buying cloud servers and the type of services that an industry person would make, then they should treat you like that no? So here’s where I decided to start taking screenshots of the coversation, so you can see how long it took to get to the end, and it wasn’t pretty…

Siteground Negative Review: Very Difficult to Cancel Their Services


16 minutes in my cancellation request, I’m still dealing with retention procedures from an Escalated Senior Representative, whom I was transferred to shortly before I started taking screenshots. I wan’t expecting to write this or have such an issue. Please see the top right corner for the chat time which is MINUTES:SECONDS format.



This guy went on and on and on about how companies claim to do this and do that, not using any type of reference except that Siteground was the best. This is expected but if you are going to make comparisons, make it Apple to Apple, not Apple to (nothing).


After 20 minutes of waiting for them to cancel me, I got disconnected! Not sure why, I haven’t lost internet connection in my office since Hurricane Sandy. Mysterious. I guess I should’ve just given up and let it go for awhile and “think” about it some more, maybe while a few more billing cycles went by.


When I explained what happened to the new guy, he took a quick look at the conversation, and as expected, 3 minutes and 30 seconds later he took over for his former colleague on the “retention sentences”, and off we go for some more lackluster information and biased opinions.


So I decided to Step it Up and stand up for my new service. I SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO DO THIS. THEY SHOULD RESPECT MY INTENTION TO CANCEL AND DO IT. I believe in retention, but this is reminiscent of trying to cancel AOL. (I think many might still have AOL free for the next 50 years?)


After this, to be honest he went on with more “retention sentences” and so I finally gave up being nice and outright told them that I was writing this very post based on my experience and to cancel me. They finally hit the button. Yay! It took about 3 seconds.

To sum up I think they offer a nice services and are very knowledgeable, they just couldn’t help with my specific issue. This company makes it very difficult to cancel so be careful.

I should also mention that they refused a refund (full or partial) which will not fly now or even more in a growing age of GOOD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE = REFUND PRORATED $!

On top of that, I still have another $130 in my Siteground “wallet”.

Similar experiences. (For the record it seems they had more of these issues in years past, but I definitely got caught in this one!):

Contact me to find out who we switched to! …And haven’t looked back.

Siteground Negative Review: Very Difficult to Cancel Their Services

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