Squarespace SEO: 7 Tips for Optimizing Your Site in 2022

Did you know that 576,000 new websites get created every single day? And 1.7 billion websites exist in total, although that number fluctuates as websites get lost or launched.

This means that you are technically competing against hundreds of other websites to get eyeballs on your web pages. If you built your website on Squarespace, there are certain steps you can take to improve your ranking on Google. Read on to find out what these Squarespace SEO tips are.

1. Use Keywords Strategically

Scatter your keyword throughout your web page and blog post. Make sure to use long-tail keywords to pack even more oomph into your content.

2. Use Local SEO as Well as Global

If you are serving customers locally and globally, make sure you don’t skimp out on optimizing local SEO. It’s the one thing that falls off the plate when it comes to small business owners.

3. Create Engaging Content Regularly

It’s important to spend some time every week putting out rich content on your website, be it blog posts, new web pages, or more positive reviews. This is something Google loves and rewards. If you can add it to your schedule and systemize it, you won’t forget about it, when you are fighting fires as a small business owner.

4. Don’t Forget About Google Rich Image Search

Google Rich Image Search means Google will go beyond just images to catalog carousels and other non-textual elements. Take advantage of this as most small business owners don’t.

You can do this by adding rich snippets to your images and other non-textual elements. It’s a tiny tweak but can make a huge difference in your Squarespace SEO.

5. Simplify Your URLs

There’s no need to complicate your URLs or to add numbers or other symbols to them. Keep it simple by having the long-tailed keyword in your URL without any stop words included.

6. Remove Duplicate Content (And Don’t Plagiarize)

Plagiarizing or copying content from other websites is a big no-no according to Google. They will penalize you for having duplicate content and even stop showing your website altogether to new viewers. There’s no point in having a website if you get no organic visitors to it.

7. Strategic Internal Linking

When you link internally to other web pages or blog posts on your website, you are essentially transferring authority in that manner and improving rankings on Google. It doesn’t mean that you need to include a dozen links on each page. A couple of strategic links are all you need.

Squarespace SEO Tips for the People in the Know

If all the Squarespace SEO tips listed above didn’t sound like gobbledygook to you, then that’s great. But if you are scratching your head wondering how you are going to implement it all, then we are here to help.

We are the top-rated SEO agency in New Jersey and we call ourselves Search Geek Solutions for a very good reason. This is because we love anything to do with SEO. Contact us today to get your optimize Squarespace SEO.