The Complete SEO Guide for Durham NC WordPress Users

It’s no secret this: Google has made its primary goal explicit: they want their users to be able to access trustworthy websites with relevant, organic content firstAnd while this is difficult for many businesses, it’s also excitingWith new challenges come new opportunities. This is the perfect time to adopt a more intentional approach to SEO. With more than 350 million websites online and billions of active at any given moment it’s difficult to be discovered online in the presentBut there are plenty ways to optimize your WordPress blog so that it ranks higher in search engine results and increase users back to your siteThe first step is to determine where to begin and what your options are. In this article, we’ll cover topics ranging from research on keywords and link building , to user experience and semantic markup . you a thorough understanding of how to implement SEO guidelines for your blog in Durham NC.

What exactly is WordPress SEO?

SEO is a term that means “search engine optimization,” and it refers to a set of guidelines to optimize websites and content to be optimized for search engines such as Google. The objective is to make your content to be displayed in search engine results as high as you can and also appear in the same place as relevant advertisements on results pages of search engines (SERPs). People often use the terms “content marketing” and “SEO” in conjunctionHowever “content marketing” is the term used for marketing the product or service you offer using content, which includes blog posts and videos.

The importance of UX (UX)

We’ve only touched on it briefly but it’s a matter of such importance that it merits its own sectionYour readers — the people who are likely to click articles and navigate your website the people who are not Google web crawlersThey’re not even thinking about the quality of your site optimized for Google but instead, they’re thinking about the ease with which they can get the information they need and how pleasant it is to get thereWhen you optimize your website for Google and create an experience that’s ideal for the search engine crawlers that visit your websiteWhen you optimize your site for human users You’re creating an experience that’s ideal for your readers –those who click on your content and visit your site.

Content Strategy and Keyword Research

Content on the web is among the most crucial factors to organic search successIt is after all what people are clicking and reading. This should be the focal point on your SEO strategy right from the startThis is why research on keywords is one of the primary essential steps to each SEO campaign. When selecting your keywords, it is crucial to be cautious and strategicYou don’t want to pick random keywords and hope to result in organic traffic. Instead, you need to pick the most relevant keywords that your audience, readers and potential customers are searching for. To achieve this, seek to penetrate your readers’ heads and ask yourself: What are they trying to resolve? What are they facing? What do they hope to find onlineOnce you’ve identified a few topics your readers want to know more about, you’ll be able to begin to research the keywords used to find relevant content to these topics, and how popular these keywords are.

WordPress SEO Tools

After you’ve optimized the contents for your visitors and readers, it’s time to start making plans for search engines. There are many plugins out there for WordPress that will help you improve your SEO overall. Yoast’s SEO is a plugin that will help you. It can assist you with all the basicsUsing this plugin will improve the SEO of your site through the creation of meta descriptions, keyword optimization, and moreThis plugin is free and simple to install. Another awesome plugin it All in one SEO. This plugin offers everything Yoast has to offer and more! We love SEO Framework. It’s extremely lightweightBe cautious, it might not fit into all WordPress configurationsYou can get everything from content management to analytics to check what’s working, and the areas that need improvement.


The most efficient (and most effective) SEO strategy is to develop content that resonates your readers and will help your readers solve their challengesTo accomplish this, it’s best to need to step back and consider the content that would benefit your customers, and not about the keywords you’d like to be ranked for. This will put you in an ideal position to rank well for those words in the near future and affect your readers’ lives.