The New Google Medic Update: How to Adapt Your SEO to Survive

google medic update

The New Google Medic Update: How to Adapt Your SEO to Survive

Have you heard of the Medic update?

In August, SEO and marketing specialists received a shock as the Google ranking of many websites suddenly shifted. Maybe you checked your own marketing analytics or search rankings and realized the news isn’t good.

Learn more about the Google Medic update below and how it may affect your webpage’s ranking. Then check out some helpful tips for adapting your SEO to follow the Medic update.

What Is the Google Medic Update?

The Google Medic update is a major change to Google’s main algorithm. This update impacts many factors that Google’s algorithms consider.

Google makes adjustments to their main algorithm several times a year. However, the Medic update has affected rankings more than others.

Google did not call this update the “Medic” update. The popular marketing blogger, Barry Schwartz, coined the term when his initial research revealed the websites most affected related to the medical industry. Although the “Medic” algorithm affects all websites listed on Google, the nickname stuck.

SEO Survival with the New Google Medic Algorithm

Focus on two key things to ensure you do not slip in search engine page rankings thanks to the Google Medic update: E.A.T. and Intent.

E.A.T.: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness

Websites ranking high on Google before the Medic update may still rank high after the update. It depends on how well they already follow Google’s quality rating guidelines. The page quality guide states every page on your site must serve a beneficial purpose and those that seek to misinform or cause harm rank lower.

With this update, three crucial factors play a major role in Google’s qualitative content analysis.

It will factor in the expertise of the person creating content. So you need to make sure your website has an “About” section detailing your authority within your industry or the subjects you discuss.

It will also review the authoritativeness of the content, the creators, and the website. You need to solidify your knowledge and authority within your industry as well as for anyone associated with your site. Google no longer only considers the authority of the website itself but each author posting to the website.

The Google Medic update looks at the trustworthiness of the content and creators as well as the website itself. The more credible the authors on your page, the more positive reviews, and the more proof of your expertise in your industry, the higher your ranking under the new algorithm.

User Intent

The Google Medic update clearly seeks to deliver better, relevant, and trustworthy content when making a search query. Another important factor it considers when organizing search results pages is user intent.

The Medic algorithm looks at how well your website’s content complements user intent. A user searching for a “crane” may mean the bird or a piece of construction equipment. If your business repairs construction equipment, you do not want users searching for a bird to end up finding your webpage instead.

Good keyword research and thorough SEO ensure this confusion does not occur. So now you not only need to create high-authority content, but you need to ensure that your content also fits the searching user’s intent.

Take Control of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Adapting your website to satisfy the new Google Medic update will take some time, but it can be done. Most of what the new update requires should be a part of your online advertising campaign anyway.

Still feeling overwhelmed?

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