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Giving Your Beautiful Wix Website The Visibility It Needs To Thrive!

Are you one of the millions of businesses currently using the Wix.com website building and hosting services? While it’s a fantastic platform that offers fantastic control, flexibility, and features that enable you to create a website that looks and functions as you desire, those positives count for very little if nobody knows it exists. Our professional Wix Search Engine Optimization Experts are the answer.

Whether it’s a blog, company site, or eCommerce platform, take your business to the next level by contacting our Wix Search Engine Optimization Expert today!

What Is SEO & Why Do You Need It?

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is a term that relates to a range of processes utilized to increase a website’s visibility on Google and other search engines to ensure that the volume and quality of website traffic reach optimal levels. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant ingredients in the recipe for successful modern marketing.

There are over 1.7 billion (1) websites online currently fighting for traffic, and the role of a search engine is to provide users with the most relevant sites based on what they are looking for. Search engines use a number of complex algorithms to instantly scan the World Wide Web to collate and order websites ranked on their relevancy. The strategies and processes covered by SEO are essential to determining the ranking.

As such, a strong SEO strategy means a strong visibility on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Appearing on the first page of Google is considered the Holy Grail of digital marketing for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Over 93% of all browsing sessions (2) start with a search engine search, meaning this is still the #1 research tool for online consumers.
  • Search engine traffic accounts for 3x as many clicks as social media (3) marketing while the quality of clicks encourages high conversion rates.
  • Fewer than one in four (4) search engine users will ever scroll past the first page while even fewer get beyond page five.
  • Search engine leads offer conversion rates of 14.6% (5) compared to just 1.7% for other forms of digital marketing such as outbound leads.
  • Almost 90% of all smartphone users (6) will visit search engines on a daily basis for research and shopping purposes.

Conversely, failure to master SEO will condemn your site to the search engine wilderness. As such, SEO must be prioritized by all website owners (Wix users or otherwise) regardless of their status, location, or industry.

Ultimately, the benefits of a robust SEO strategy for your Wix website include:

  • Get more traffic from both desktop users and mobile users alike,
  • Generate a greater level of trust and create a better first impression,
  • Bring more interest in your services and increased brand awareness,
  • See an increased rate of converted sales both online and offline,
  • Achieve greater sustainability for better growth and expansion opportunities.

In short: your website cannot survive without good Search Engine Optimization. Our Wix Search Engine Optimization Experts are perfectly placed to help you reap the rewards for immediate and ongoing rewards.

Why You Need A Wix Search Engine Optimization Expert?

Understanding the need for SEO is one thing, but actually building a website that can reap those rewards is another altogether. Over 160 million (7) websites that have been made on Wix.com, and a large percentage look amazing thanks to the various design features and intuitive interface that enables website owners to produce stunning sites without ever learning a single line of coding. Unfortunately, search engine visibility is an area where the majority see their good work undone.

Generic SEO experts may understand the workings of Google and how to fire websites up the SERPS, but only an experienced Wix Search Engine Optimization Expert can ensure that your Wix website is built with maximum visibility and conversions in mind. After all, they can:

  • Utilize their experience of Google’s latest algorithm updates to focus on the most important metrics for optimized SEO,
  • Use their understanding of the changing consumer trends to ensure your site is built for sustained success through new priorities such as voice searches,
  • Ensure that the best Wix plugins and Apps are used to build a better on-site UX while satisfying the need for strong SEO,
  • Make their changes without destroying the look and design of a site that you have worked hard to perfect,
  • Provide you with the ongoing support to ensure that the winning SEO strategies can continue and evolve alongside the digital playground.

There are four options for handling your SEO needs. The first is to leave it and hope for the best. The second is to take the DIY approach by implementing the basic elements that you have already researched. The third is to hire a general SEO expert. And the fourth is to choose specialized Wix Search Engine Optimization Experts.

For the sake of your commercial future, only the last option should be considered. Use our experienced team of dedicated professionals, and you’ll be on the road to success in no time.

The Benefits of Choosing Outsourced SEO for Wix

Before investing money into any digital marketing idea, you must take the necessary steps to ensure that it’s worth the time and money While it is possible to learn the basics of SEO for Wix websites to achieve some improvements to the search engine ranking, the benefits of leveraging success through hiring an expert are too big to ignore.

The most noticeable rewards include:

  • Our experts will produce better results, crucially meaning you’ll have a stronger Google ranking,
  • We produce far quicker results than you could ever hope to achieve, meaning faster sales,
  • Our expertise covers the very latest search engine updates and user trends, so you won’t get left behind,
  • We use the most efficient methods available, ensuring that your budget works harder,
  • Our ability to handle all aspects of the Wix SEO plan allows you to focus on actually running the business.

Keyword Research for Wix Websites

Keywords are undeniably the backbone of any successful digital marketing strategy and should be the first priority of any SEO campaign for Wix website owners.

Keywords are essentially the words and phrases that you want your website or webpage to rank on. They can relate to the products you sell, services you provide, and locations that you cover. Local keywords are those related to the geographic setting of your business while organic keywords could relate to the brand name, industry, or products.

The main function of keywords is to help users find your website by anticipating the words that your prospective clients will be typing into their favorite search engine. So, if you found this webpage by searching for “Wix SEO” or any phrase related to those terms, it’s because they were the keywords most relevant to our service.

The Three Focal Points of Keyword Researching

Before even thinking about how to target certain keywords, you must first choose the terms that are likely to bring the most traffic and, subsequently, the biggest sales revenue. There are three primary issues to consider, and our Wix Search Engine Optimization Experts will settle down to discuss them with you in detail to find the best solution for your website’s needs. They are:

  • Volume – This essentially means how many people are searching or the chosen keyword. There is very little point in investing time and money into gaining the top spot on a word that nobody (or very few people )search for.
  • Competition – While you need a term or phrase that people will search for, it’s important to avoid going for keywords that have too much competition. After all, your chances of ranking in the #1 spot for “online clothes” is very slim.
  • Accuracy – The keywords need to be relevant to what you do. Getting people to visit your online sneakers store when they are searching for high heels will result in 0 conversions. Remember that quality leads are crucial for success.

Picking the right keywords that balance the need for relevance and visibility with the need to ensure your Wix site us actually seen by web users is essential. Not only will it bring a host of direct benefits, but it’ll also influence every other aspect of the SEO and digital marketing strategies. With our support, you’ll be sure to target the perfect terms for the very best results.

How To Master Keywords for Your Wix Site

Picking out which keywords and phrases you want to target is one thing, but actually employing the techniques needed to rank on the first page of Google is another altogether. Our experts will utilize the very best tools on the market to gain the best results for your website while also investing in your education to ensure that you are prepared to take over the reins if you decide not to use our support for the long haul.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool that offers valuable insight into your keywords and their performance. Given that Google accounts for over 70% of all searches (8), gaining their perspective alongside actionable advice on how to improve the situation can only have a positive impact. Best of all, the platform is entirely free to use, allowing you to boost your SEO strategy without extra expense.

Wix’s SEO Wiz Suite

As one of the most popular website builders on the internet, Wix understands the importance for clients to gain strong SEO. Moreover, they know that many users choose their platform due to the reduced pressure for technical skills. The SEO Wiz suite is a collection of tools that are designed to perform analysis o your site before helping you to identify and understand the areas of improvement.

Wix’s SEO Wiz App will provide a checklist of steps that can be used to improve the site’s visibility and performance. While the intuitive tools is very helpful, you should not forget the limitations of automated software. Our SEO experts can use the insight as well as our own professional understandings of search engines, Wix, and your individual site, to generate the best results.

After all, SEO cannot be a ‘do once’ task. It is a continuous process.

The Wix Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research tool is one of the most important features of Wix’s SEO Wiz suite. This platform allows you to search up to five different keywords at a time, and can be used for single words and longtail keywords (two or more words) for a full performance analysis.

Analyze My Keywords is very easy to understand. A green line indicator shows the strength of the keyword to provide clear insight into how Wix thinks your keywords are likely to perform. This offers inspiration as to which keywords deserve priority, particularly when considering the idea of producing new content either through webpages or blog posts.

Our Wix Search Engine Optimization Experts can teach you to maximize the full potential of the tool or take care of the situation on your behalf. This is combined with the Google Keyword Planner to ensure that your site fires up the SERPS.

The Next Steps for Mastering SEO

Keywords are an essential feature of SEO, but it’s the additional steps that can take your site to the next level. When you have an SEO Wix expert on hand to take care of the following elements, your visibility and conversions will reach a whole new level.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags can have a huge influence on the volume and quantity of traffic that your website receives because, in addition to boosting your SEO through keywords, they are the titles that will be seen on Google’s SERPS.

If you think of your SERPS page listing as an advert, the brief description seen by the user should generate a genuine level of interest. If they don’t, users will click one of the competitor links instead. Meta titles and descriptions are the key to making this happen. Our SEO for Wix experts will show you how to access the meta tag editor on your Wix site while also constructing high-quality tags that will lead to clicks.

Heading Tags

Heading tags are very valuable to your site’s SEO, not least because they are the first part of the content that search engine bots will crawl for information. Heading tags that include will make keywords far more powerful.

There are various types of heading tags to consider. H1 tags are very useful and can be utilized simply by copying the webpage or blog title into the first line of content. H2, H3, and H4 title tags can all have a positive impact, and our SEO experts can either produce the content or teach you to think about formatting your pages so that they will be loved by search engines and readers alike. Strike the right balance, and success is assured.

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General Site Settings

The general settings of your site can have a telling impact on keyword accuracy and power. If starting a new website, choosing a domain that includes a keyword can instantly boost the SEO strategy with significant results.

Even when working on an existing Wix website, our SEO experts will ensure that the site title and description sections are optimized for SEO purposes without compromising the impact that the site makes. Additional settings relating to privacy and what’s actually shown to search engines can also influence the overall page ranking.

On-Site Blanks

While keywords are an essential feature, there are over 200 metrics (9) to rank websites. Therefore, it’s vital to fill in the blanks to ensure that your site is ready to reap the rewards of appearing on Google’s first page.

There are many key features to consider. The list includes page loading times, mobile optimization and navigation, SSL encryption status, and image optimization. Our Wix Search Engine Optimization Expert will cover all the key elements on your behalf while also avoiding the black hat techniques that could result in a Google penalty and being removed from the index.

Off-Site SEO

Every website owner, Wix or otherwise, should prioritize their on-site SEO first. Nevertheless, external platforms can be used to boost SEO visibility while also leaving a greater impression on web users.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors, but directories such as Google My Business are particularly significant for affecting local search results. When supported by social media strategies too, our experts in Wix SEO can get your digital marketing to achieve the goals that you previously considered impossible.

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