WordPress SEO Tips for Website Optimization in 2021

Last year, America’s dependence on the internet skyrocketed, and so has the online competition for visibility.

You can have the best business, content, or blog on the entire internet, but without an audience, do you really have anything? Although getting started with WordPress optimization can be tricky, the benefits of traffic boosts and higher search engine rankings will be worth it.

Continue reading to find out how you can start improving your WordPress SEO for the new age of internet!

Use Keywords

One of the classic SEO tips is to use keywords, but there is more to it than mentioning target words here and there.

Do your research to find the best keywords for your brand, without being too general or competitive. Then, create a plan to strategically include these throughout your website, blog content, and even in image descriptions.

However, don’t overuse keywords as this can negatively impact your WordPress SEO.

Use A Table Of Contents

Believe it or not, getting people to your site is not the hardest part. Keeping your audience engaged, entertained, or educated is one of the most difficult things to accomplish.

Using a table of contents that links internally to important places in your content, will improve the user experience (VERY IMPORTANT FOR SEO THESE DAYS) and will accomplish a little towards improving internal linking efforts (VERY IMPORTANT FOR SEO).

Enhance the Website Itself

People won’t stay on your website if they can’t load it or if it feels unsafe.

That’s why you need to constantly monitor your site’s speed and make sure it has the capacity to handle large traffic. You’ll also want to compress or fix anything that decreases speed, such as large image files.

Another tip is to make sure your site is secure for users; this is why you now see “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” on websites nowadays.

Use SEO Plugins

Using plugins like Yoast, or even Grammarly can help you see what you need to improve on your website.

Google Site Kit is a good place to start since it combines a lot of SEO must-haves like Google Analytics and AdSense. Plugins can also be useful for checking broken links or evaluating your general SEO; it’s best to start small to learn the basics before upgrading to advanced plugins

Create a Long-Term Plan

Even with following all of the SEO best practices, it may take weeks or months to see the full benefits.

Growing your WordPress SEO requires maintenance and, at times, a formal plan from an SEO company. The steps you take today can be completely different tomorrow with growing SEO trends; you’ll want to keep up to date with SEO news and your own website’s evolving needs.

WordPress SEO for Your Business

WordPress SEO involves more than a few tips, but once it’s mastered, it can lead to exponential growth.

It’s not uncommon for companies with intermediate SEO knowledge to consult with outside SEO experts, and one of those experts is Search Geek Solutions!

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