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A digital strategy is crucial for knowing if your marketing efforts are in the right place, appealing to the right audience, and being displayed at the optimal time. Implementing an SEO strategy can reduce the time spent guessing and focus on outperforming your competitors. It helps to prepare and inform your business of where to adapt when things change and the tactics to apply to future marketing campaigns.


We design websites, applications, and digital products that establish contemporary brands and form genuine connections with audiences. Our collaboration with partners starts with a strategy for crafting content, moments, and messages representing modern brands and communicating them authentically and in unexpected ways. Our process begins with the user, and through strategic design, we develop systems that surprise and delight while delivering more profound relevance and excellent value.


Performance measures enable you and your staff to make changes and assess whether those changes enhance the agency/division/program’s performance, improving the quality of life for customers/clients. The most critical performance measures indicate whether clients or customers are better off as a result of executing our services. To learn more about our SEO services in NJ, we offer WordPress SEO services, dental SEO services, Squarespace SEO services, Wix SEO services, Webflow SEO services, Insurance SEO Services, Real Estate SEO Services, and local SEO services, all tailored to the local NJ market.

Why do you need an SEO Company?

I Need Traffic To My Website (SEO)

I Need Traffic

Claim your spot on the charts and propel your business to the top of the rankings.

What we offer

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • User Experience Testing
  • ROI Checkpoints

I Need Design Services

I Need Design Services

Northern New Jersey (NJ) Based Search Geek Solutions web design solutions provide an efficient and organized environment.

What we offer

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • User Experience Design/Testing

I Need Custom Digital Marketing

I Need Custom Marketing

Custom Digital Marketing Packages:

  • Design (Graphic Design / Web)
  • Content Development
  • Search Marketing (SEO/PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile App Development (iOS/Android)
  • Reputation Management

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Why Is SEO Important?

97% of consumers use search engines to search for a local business online

90% of B2B decision makers search for business services or products online


SEO Science That Works

Gain Maximum Visibility In Search

Appear at the top of local search results and reach prospects across all devices like Voice Assistant, Mobile, Desktop Browsers.

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Service-Based Business Client

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Our SEO Process

Initial Audit & Discovery

We perform a high level audit to determine needs and review this with you in a 1:1 session with one of our Search Geeks:

  • Visibility Research
  • Competitive Market Research
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Audit
  • Authority Audit (Links and Citations)
  • Tactical Plan & How You Win

Our professional SEO services are 100% tailored to your business requirements. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your website’s structure, strengths, and weaknesses. This step is the foundation of a great SEO strategy.

Plan & Execution

After we have completed our in-depth analysis of the business we start execution of SEO strategies. We offer a wide variety of SEO services and campaigns, but the general flow is:

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Content Planning
  • Technical SEO
  • Authority Build (Citations / Links)
  • Content Placement / Optimization
  • Supportive Content
  • Proprietary Tasks / Research (For Competitive Niches)
  • Custom Monthly Success Reporting


We quantify every task/effort with the impact on visibility/traffic/conversions:

  • Content
  • Citations / Links
  • Custom Monthly Success Reporting
  • Reporting Review Meetings
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Monthly SEO Task Breakdowns
  • Project Management Transparency

Reputation Management Builder

seo reputation manager

We build your business’ reputation while improving your visibility in organic search.

Search Geek Solutions’ “Reviews and Reputation Management” reviews software automates the process of  improving the quality and quantity of reviews across the websites that matter.


Web Vitals Performance Optimization Case Example

The Importance Of Web Design For SEO Performance


Site Performance

Is your website performing as well as you would like? If not, now is the time to give your website the attention that it deserves with NJ SEO services from a NJ SEO Company. Your website is one of your business’ most significant assets and offers enormous potential with the right NJ SEO company.

Enlisting the services of a Top NJ SEO company can get your website performing at its best. Here’s why you should choose to use an SEO expert in NJ like Search Geek Solutions to help your website achieve greater visibility in Google and other search engines with completely Managed SEO.

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

If your business is way down in the rankings and can only be found on page 3 of Google, no one may find you there. When browsing online, most people never venture beyond page 1 of the search results.

Get Your Website Noticed

Having a visually beautiful website is fantastic, but if no one ever sees it, all that hard work goes to waste. Hiring a NJ SEO company will ensure that your website attracts the audience that you are after. This targeted approach not only increases page views but will also help to achieve those all-important conversions to increase sales.

Save Yourself Time

Running a business is pretty hectic. As a small business owner, you probably have better ways to spend your time than trying to educate yourself on the mysterious ways of search engine optimization, not to mention the time it takes to implement your new-found knowledge. Instead of spending your day glued to the computer; why not leave NJ SEO to the experts and hire an NJ SEO company?

Achieve Long Term Results

Search engine optimization has never been, and never will be a one-off task. If your website makes it to the number one spot on Google, you are entitled to celebrate, but never take your eye off the ball. To maintain that coveted number one position takes work, a lot of work. Keeping your site optimized for search is an ongoing process, and one that takes plenty of time, research and effort to get right.

Using an NJ SEO agency means that you don’t need to worry about staying up to date with the latest developments in SEO and continually updating your website to reflect these. Instead, you can sit back and relax and let the agency handle it on your behalf.

Benefit From A Local Approach

Using a NJ SEO expert offers your local small business some significant benefits. For starters, being based in NJ enables local knowledge to be used on components of your SEO, such as choosing appropriate keywords to use. Using this local knowledge in keywords can not only drive more visitors to your business website, but it can also help to lead visitors to head to your local physical, bricks and mortar store or offices too.

Gain A Competitive Advantage And Increase Market Share

As you can see, search engine optimization offers many benefits when carried out correctly. However, one of the most significant benefits that SEO has to offer is the competitive advantage that it can provide.

When your website continually appears on the first pages of searches, your business name starts to get recognized. This, in turn, builds up recognition of your company and increases your brand awareness. Occupying an impressively high search ranking gives your business increased credibility, and will help it to stand out above your competitors.

Compounded Return On Investment

Improved SEO NJ can help to bring all of your online marketing efforts together and create a cohesive approach, where each channel benefits from the optimization of your website.

Using an New Jersey SEO company enables you to improve your return on investment (ROI). Using professionals will mean that your SEO efforts should provide bigger rewards and ultimately provide you with more for your money.When done correctly, professional SEO can offer businesses increased market share, more sales, increased brand awareness and more visitors to your website.

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