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Investment in Managed SEO with the latest SEO technologies and a scientific approach can mean the difference between page 1 and page 5 visibility.

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  • Technical SEO Recommendations
  • Content Audit
  • Authority Consultation
  • UX Review
  • Cost of Managed SEO Services Efforts
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Why Is SEO Important?

97% of consumers use search engines to search for a local business online

90% of B2B decision makers search for business services or products online


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Appear at the top of local search results and reach prospects across all devices like Voice Assistant, Mobile, Desktop Browsers.

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Our SEO Process

Initial Audit & Discovery

We perform a high level audit to determine needs and review this with you in a 1:1 session with one of our Search Geeks:

  • Visibility Research
  • Competitive Market Research
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Audit
  • Authority Audit (Links and Citations)
  • Tactical Plan & How You Win

Our professional SEO services are 100% tailored to your business requirements. We begin with an in-depth analysis of your website’s structure, strengths, and weaknesses. This step is the foundation of a great SEO strategy.

Plan & Execution

After we have completed our in-depth analysis of the business we start execution of SEO strategies. We offer a wide variety of SEO services and campaigns, but the general flow is:

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Content Planning
  • Technical SEO
  • Authority Build (Citations / Links)
  • Content Placement / Optimization
  • Supportive Content
  • Proprietary Tasks / Research (For Competitive Niches)
  • Custom Monthly Success Reporting


We quantify every task/effort with the impact on visibility/traffic/conversions:

  • Content
  • Citations / Links
  • Custom Monthly Success Reporting
  • Reporting Review Meetings
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Monthly SEO Task Breakdowns
  • Project Management Transparency

Reputation Management Builder

seo reputation manager

We build your business’ reputation while improving your visibility in organic search.

Search Geek Solutions’ “Reviews and Reputation Management” reviews software automates the process of  improving the quality and quantity of reviews across the websites that matter.


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Improve Visibility/Traffic/Conversions

Request a free organic search audit and strategy session.

Ranked #1 In New Jersey!

Search Geek Solutions Managed SEO

When it comes to SEO, we at Search Geek Solutions pride ourselves in providing small to mid-sized businesses a quote on any services we offer from organic search marketing to conversion optimization. We are an SEO company passionate about everything SEO. We talk about SEO like we invented it.

Going in-house for those services may not be the best idea. If you struggle with SEO, leave it to us. We will provide an SEO strategy that will be sure to be up-to-date with SEO. Investing in SEO is worth it for so many reasons. You need to incorporate SEO into your overall marketing strategy.

We live in the age of information. Anything you want to learn about is a click away. If you want to search for car repair services, you can easily find solutions. Many businesses attribute search engines for bringing more traffic from SEO to their website as their business might have been recommended by an SEO.

With the increased use of social media and search engines, a great deal of overlap exists between SEO and marketing. SEO is the process of crafting content and web design of your company in a way that catches the attention of search engines. Our approach to SEO is nurtured by affordable organic SEO. The price of SEO is worth it for what you are getting.

Every kind of business needs SEO. We try to focus on local SEO. There is SEO for surgeons and they use SEO in their business today. No matter what your business is, we have an SEO for adult niche websites.

The value of our services is a common question asked by many of our potential clients. With 11 years of experience in search engine marketing, 18 years of experience in web design and development, and nine years of experience in technical writing, editing, and documentation design you can be sure that you are getting the most value out of our services. Our expertise in giving you SEO with the latest SEO technologies, SEO with a transparent methodology and SEO with customized solutions. We can take your SEO to the next level.

We can also offer a combination of services like blogger outreach using articles about white label SEO as well as any other services. An SEO company that will be able to provide services is an important aspect of the effectiveness of the service. Our services and the impact on those services are what make us the ideal company for your SEO and marketing.

More services are available than just SEO, though our focus of the services are what we specialize in. In addition to organic search marketing and conversion optimization services, we also offer services for PPC as it is one of the greatest investment in SEO. Google’s Adwords and Facebook’s PPC, if you use our services your business will be sure to increase traffic and conversion rates. SEO still so important and its use will only increase as time goes on. SEO is crucial to increasing traffic to your website.

You want to make sure that your SEO company’s services should provide continuity between your mobile SEO into your business. We can give you customization of services, SEO with best organic presence. A great SEO is the best solution to increasing traffic to your website. The differences between reseller SEO and SEO, in general, is not much. One aspect of SEO is creating content and web design that will attract the attention of search engines.

Search Geek Solutions offers a lot more services than just SEO. If you are a new business owner, it is important that you have a website. We offer web design services that are specially crafted fold SEO into your marketing plan, SEO to your repertoire, SEO to gamit, and SEO to your portfolio. If you have a question about our SEO contact us and we will be sure to answer any questions you have. We can provide explanations of the services we can offer your company.

Our pricing is more competitive than national SEO companies in other areas. Our approach to SEO is leveraged by SEO made by SEO. Our services are great, just make sure that your company is not deceived by an SEO. Get more from SEO by being a part of our wide range of clients with the best services provided. Increase your revenue with SEO. When used synonymously with white label SEO, you can be sure to get a return on your investment.

Improve Visibility/Traffic/Conversions

Request a free organic search audit and strategy session.