Google Penalty Removal Services

  • Did your site’s Google keyword rankings drop as a result of a penalty?
  • Did you know that a manual penalty needs to be treated much differently than an automatic penalty?
  • Did you receive a message in Google Webmaster Tools about unnatural linking or something similar?
  • Are your site’s Google keyword rankings suffering because of Google Algorithm change “Panda”, “Penguin”, or “Hummingbird”?


The SEO Penalty Assessment / Removal service provided by SearchGeek Solutions is designed to give clients an in-depth analysis of their site.

It identifies areas where the site fails to meet Google best practices and makes repairs where needed to overcome a ranking drop.

google-penalty-hitWhy Use Our Google Penalty Removal Services?


  • We are experts in link cleanup and removal.
  • With Google’s latest algorithm update, many websites plummeted in their search rankings, leaving site owners in perils. Bad links need to be identified and removed, so your website can regain its rankings.
  • The number of websites that have potentially damaging backlinks is overwhelming. Statistics show over 75 percent of sites have backlinks that could cost them a loss in Google rankings.
  • SearchGeek Solutions quickly analyzes and identifies bad, poor quality and unnatural backlinks to ensure your site is as effective as possible.


Our Benefits Include:

  • Regaining and Improving Your Original Rankings
  • Eliminate the Stress and Lost Time (many reconsideration requests are denied because of missing information)
  • Stay Updated and Monitor Our Progress
  • Weed Out the Spammy Links
  • Get Back in Good Standing with Google

google_penaltyOur Process:

  1. Webmaster Tools and Website Assessment
  2. Complete Backlink Audit and Link Analysis
  3. Link Removal Strategy
  4. Link Removal Outreach
  5. Link Disavow (if necessary)
  6. Craft and submit custom reconsideration request on your behalf

 What does it cost?

  • $349 for Assessment, Setup, and Strategy
  • $10 per link removed

SearchGeek Solutions always strives for the highest backlink removal rate to stay ahead of competitors. This is why we always handle everything manually. We use multiple manual methods to find webmasters and site owners through many different sources. The use of automatic software is inaccurate and may hinder the full recovery of the site by missing specific links.

When Will My Recovery Start?

It’s difficult to say when, as soon as the low quality and unnatural links are removed, the recovery process begins. It does require time for Google to recrawl those domains/links that were removed and unfortunately Google doesn’t immediately drop all of the removed links from it’s indexed list.


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