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Search Geek Solutions’ “Reviews and Reputation Management” automates the process of  improving the quality and quantity of reviews across the websites that matter.

We offer small businesses their own access to enterprise reputation management software, and streamline their user experience so that they can build their businesses reputation while improving their visibility in organic search.

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NJ Local SEO Designed for Businesses


Search engine optimization is one of the most important components of any successful business. Even though it’s an internet-based concept, SEO does apply to local businesses as well. The internet is competitive, cutthroat and difficult to break into, but an SEO strategy can help local businesses take advantage of local SEO in NJ.


Local SEO NJ


Local SEO is a process that helps to design your website content in a way that makes it appear in local searches across NJ. For example, if people search for a garage or a restaurant and your website appears at the top of a Google search, it’s because you have good local SEO in NJ.


But why do you need an NJ local SEO company to help you?


This is because an SEO company understands how to take advantage of Google in a way that makes your website appear higher in search results. More web traffic from search results means more business, and that in turn makes a more successful company. In fact, local SEO NJ is a vital component even if you don’t sell products online. As long as people can find you on websites like Google or services such as Google maps, you stand a much better chance of having a successful business.


If you want more traffic to your website, then hiring an NJ local SEO company is the best course of action. Forget the Yellow Pages or asking for directions–those old fashioned methods will no longer work! People are using their smartphones, tablets and computers when they want to find something now. This is true even for a local business in NJ.


With billions of searches performed on Google each day, you’d be wise to take advantage of local SEO NJ to ensure that your company appears higher on the rankings and attracts more customers. If you’re not on the first page of an NJ local search, then your SEO for NJ is likely the main cause. If you’re tired of appearing low on search page rankings or don’t see many customers visiting your website, then allow our NJ local SEO consultants to help you.


For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for a free NJ SEO quote.


How Does Local SEO Work?


When people refer to local SEO NJ, what they’re talking about is ways to optimize their business website so that it appears when people search for a local business in NJ. A good example of this would be to search for “best restaurants in NJ” or “mechanics near me in NJ” and Google will return results that are physically close to you.


This is because Google utilizes location data in your search and looks specifically for results that are based in NJ. For the search term, it’s easy since it includes the term “NJ”. Google understands what this is location-wise, so they’ll return results that are based in NJ. But how does it know that your business is based in NJ as well? That’s where an NJ local SEO company can help you.


Optimizing Your Website for Local SEO NJ


In order to get Google to notice your website, you need your website to be optimized for local SEO in NJ. To do this, Google will use metadata for your business that you have provided them or data that can be found on your website.


A Google example of “simple” local SEO for NJ companies is to simply set up a Google business listing. This will make sure that you show up on Google Maps and also ensures that your website and contact details can easily be found. This is a very simple case of local SEO that almost any business can do, but it’s extremely effective and makes you more visible.


However, when it comes to actual search results on Google, local NJ SEO becomes a little more difficult. This is because it involves creating content for your website that shows that you’re from the NJ area. This could be talking about specific services you offer in NJ or even detailing some of the areas around you that you provide services and products for.


It gets even more complicated when you need to consider outreach services that can also link to your website. It works better if those websites are also in the NJ area or appear when you search for NJ businesses or media outlets. These are some of the major components of any local SEO NJ strategy and it can become very complicated for anyone that doesn’t have the technical training or expertise to manipulate Google’s algorithms for local SEO.


Why Hire an NJ SEO Consultant Like Search Geek Solutions?

  • Specialized professionals with years of experience in Local SEO NJ
  • Dedicated customer service to help answer your questions and concerns
  • Discussions that avoid technical jargon so that you can understand everything that’s going on
  • Guaranteed search ranking increase regardless of the niche or type of business you have in NJ
  • Targeted keyword strategy to help build your online presence


We understand just how tricky it can be to try and optimize your local SEO, hence why we take a comprehensive approach that involves many different strategies. With billions of searches being performed every day on Google, it’s time for you to take advantage of that marketing traffic and raise your website’s search ranking using local SEO.


Having an NJ local SEO company working with your business is a fantastic way to attract more customers, grow your internet presence and appear higher on search engine results. With the difficulties involved in establishing a digital presence and how tough it can be to optimize your website for local searches, having an established NJ SEO company working with you is going to make things a lot easier.


Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information on how we can help your NJ-based company with search engine optimization. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d be happy to respond so that you have a better understanding of local SEO.


Search Geek Solutions does more than simply help you submit business listing data to publishers and hope that the updates complete successfully. Every aspect of affordable local nj seo is designed to help you improve your local search performance. With best in-class capability and value, Search Geek Solutions maximizes the marketing power of local search for your business.


Ensure the effectiveness of your overall local seo marketing investment Enhance your paid marketing with an effective Local SEO strategy that ensures after all the hard work your team does to engage consumers, you’ll successfully drive them to your local business locations. Search Geeks optimizes and distributes your listing information to the search engines, apps, sites and directories that most impact local search results — especially Google.



  • Local citations / profiles optimization and consistency
  • Reviews Management
  • Local Link-building (This is different from general link-building!)
  • Local Content Marketing
  • Local Influencer Outreach and Relationship Building


5 Trends in Small Business Local SEO (that your business should pay attention to)

Over the past five years, dramatic changes in how consumers select businesses in the local marketplace have evolved from a heavy reliance on directories and local media sources such as printed Yellow pages to online mediums such as search engines, local search sites, first on desktop and now increasingly on mobile devices including tablets.

This year we have observed 5 major trends that local seo services marketers should understand and leverage in the
coming year (from localeze):

  • Trend 1 – US Search & Local Search Market Continues to Grow At an Impressive Rate
  • Trend 2 – New Methods for Finding Local Business Information Including Social and Daily Deals
  • Trend 3 – Local Listings are the Most Relevant and Trusted Search Results for Consumers
  • Trend 4 – Ratings & Reviews – Used often – but lack complete content
  • Trend 5 – Local Search Engine Searches Have Shifted from Business Name to Category


To learn more about what this means for your local business and visibility in search engines, contact us for a free local SEO analysis of your site.


A strong local search presence and visibility has always been important for multi-location brands. Google continues to make this increasingly so, with local branded and non-branded terms playing an ever greater role in search results, thanks to the Knowledge Graph and Local Carousel.


Ninety percent of consumers now use search engines to shop locally; these queries are happening from the desktop, on the mobile web, in apps, from maps, and even from GPS and other in-vehicle devices. Each and every internet transaction has a local connection, via the user on a device tied to a geo-coordinate.


Basically, wherever your consumer is – whatever device they’re on – you need to be there when they are displaying intent and searching locally for either your brand or your service.


Local SEO and local listing management are two completely different tactics, yet completely intertwined, and the top brands should know that each is critical to ranking individual locations on Google. The search giant ranks multi-location brand websites based on three common sense factors:

  • Best practice on-page validation factors (Local SEO)
  • High quality local landing page user experience
  • Relevant backlinks on directories and IYPs through listing validation.


Affordable local NJ SEO and SEM are time consuming and tedious. Let us do that work so you can focus on your business. Get Started Here.