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You’re a plastic surgeon. You’ve spent years or even decades honing your craft and creating a service on which patients can rely. You don’t just make people beautiful. You transform lives! Through the corrective procedures you carry out to fix health issues and the cosmetic procedures which allow your patients to finally put their self-image demons to rest, you make a real lasting difference in the lives of your patients.

Your services are invaluable to many. But while many of your patients may come to you through referrals from trusted doctors and people in their social circle, don’t underestimate the power of search engine queries. As more and more surgeons set up shop in your area, it can be a challenge to attract new patients. While you may have a number of valued patients who come back to you for other procedures, getting noticed by more prospects is crucial to growing your practice.

In the digital age, if you want to get noticed, you need to invest in Search Engine Optimization. (SEO). But where do you start in this complex and multifaceted discipline. Like your patients, you need to defer to the experts.

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of proactively improving how your plastic surgery practice ranks on Search Engine results Pages (SERPs). When people have need of the services you provide, many will instinctively reach for their mobile devices or fire up their desktop computers and search for practices close to them.

And the statistics show that they’re unlikely to scroll very far to get to your practice if you’re significantly below the competition. In fact, the number one position on a search engine query gets by far the most clicks at over 30% Click Through rate. Conversely, less than 1% of search engine users (0.78%) click through to anything on the second page.

Improving your search engine rankings can be a long, frustrating and costly process. What’s more, it can take time that would be better spent in your natural habitat- the operating theater.

You need a partner who understands the unique needs of your industry and the challenges it faces.

What are the challenges of SEO for plastic surgeons?

SEO can be frustrating when you’re trying to improve your plastic surgeon marketing. You know that the patients are out there. Over $16 billion a year is spent on plastic surgery in the US alone with almost 18 million cosmetic and corrective procedures carried out by skilled hands like yours. But there are a number of challenges preventing them from finding you online or clicking through to your website. What’s more, if you expect to remain profitable, this isn’t something that you can afford to simply throw money at.

You need a proactive and holistic approach which is designed to counter the unique challenges of plastic surgeon SEO. Challenges like...

The question of trust

Of course, it’s reasonable for prospective patients to expect you to earn their trust. They’ll be placing their bodies in your care. They’re reliant on your skill and experience to make their dreams come true. The better able you are to earn their trust straight away, the better the chances are that they’ll choose you at the expense of your competitors.

Of course, if that were easy, everybody would be doing it.

The truth is that when your practice ranks higher on SERPs, prospective patients will implicitly assume that you are the best, the most trustworthy and the most popular in your field. In an area where patients are looking for the very best, they’re unlikely to scroll past pages and pages of entries to give you the benefit of the doubt. But climbing to the top alone can be both infuriating and counterproductive. Which brings us to...

Maximizing ROI

For a long time, plastic surgeons had to rely on the traditional “spray and pray” approach to marketing. They relied on spreading their message through traditional means like TV and radio advertising. But the trouble with this approach is that plastic surgery is a very niche business. Statistically few people who come into contact with these ads will have the need for your services. Or be in the demographic to be able to pay for them.

In the digital age, it’s somewhat easier to get noticed with highly targeted Pay Per Click ads which are only seen by people in the demographic range and income bracket to benefit from your services. Still, PPC can easily become a money pit. It needs to be leveraged with (dare we say it) surgical precision to ensure maximum ROI and high lead-to-patient conversion rates.

Staying one step ahead of the competition

A common SEO frustration for all kinds of businesses is losing custom to less skilled and experienced competitors, just because they rank higher on SERPs. With new surgeons opening up shop in your back yard, it can be difficult to communicate to prospects why you’re more worthy of their trust. You need a strategy that keeps you one step ahead of the competition so that they’re snapping at your heels rather than taking the lion’s share of the local market.

The good news is that while these challenges and frustrations of plastic surgery SEO are common, they are not insurmountable. You just need a helping hand.

Your online visibility needs a nip and tuck… That’s where we come in!

You’ve spent years or even decades building the skills upon which you’ve built your practice and your reputation. So have we. We’ve worked with many plastic surgery practices just like yours and helped them to generate highly motivated leads and convert them into loyal patients. We understand the challenges, frustrations and pitfalls of your industry. But we also understand the opportunities and advantages available to you.

Improving SEO is a never-ending battle that’s fought on many fronts. That’s why we offer a comprehensive and multifaceted plastic surgeon marketing strategy that’s built around your unique needs.

Here are just a few of the things we do to give your practice that much-needed competitive edge in SEO...

Audit your website and check for SEO red flags

There’s a highly technical component to SEO, especially as Google and other search engines keep shifting the goalposts in order to create an optimal experience for their users. We carry out a thorough audit of your website and remove SEO red flags like broken links, profuse redirects or any damage caused by competitors using negative SEO techniques to undermine your rankings. Yup, sadly, that happens!

Make sure your practice looks awesome online

We also work with you to ensure that your website matches the quality and prestige that patients expect from your practice. We ensure that it looks great and handles beautifully. Both on desktop computers and mobile devices. The latter are increasingly importance, with Google prioritizing sites that use Mobile First web design.

We help you to build the social proof (like patient reviews and testimonials) that builds trust in your practice and ensures that prospective patients know that you can get them the results they dream about. We also specialize in reputation management to ensure that yours remains sterling and reminds prospects that their trust in you is well placed.

In short, we do everything it takes to get prospects into consultations where you can wow them with what can do for them.

Generate content marketing materials that build trust

Content is still king. Especially if you want to build trust in prospective patients, climb in search engine rankings and build value in your practice’s brand. Content marketing (creating blogs, videos, infographics etc.) is a proven SEO strategy that works in a number of ways. First of all, it provides a great showcase for your knowledge and expertise, demonstrating how trustworthy you are. Secondly, it gives prospects what everyone wants. Something for nothing! So they’ll keep coming back to your website to get their regular dose of your professional insights.

Finally, it helps you to get noticed by search engines. As your website grows with more and more content, it becomes more credible in SEO terms. What’s more, a library of content gets users moving through your website more, scrolling more deeply and spending more time on page. All metrics which search engines value!

We work collaboratively with you to create a regular stream of high quality content.

Combining PPC and organic strategies to maximize ROI

Paid ads are great for driving visibility and getting you noticed. But unless they’re backed by organic engagement strategies, the momentum that they build quickly fizzles out. And before long you need to spend more on paid ads.

We combine PPC and organic strategies to maximize ROI and put you in the driver’s seat!

Going off page to go above and beyond

Some of the best SEO practices are the ones that don’t actually take place on your website. Like building links from trusted sources to improve domain authority and credibility. Or getting you listed in more local directories to ensure that you’re more visible to people in your area. We combine on and off-page SEO strategies to ensure a holistic and adaptive approach.

Want to know more? Get in touch with your plastic surgery marketer today!

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