Stephen Galgocy: Career And Personal Biography


Stephen Galgocy is the founder of Search Geek Solutions, a Wordpress SEO Company. Yet, he is more than a geek who designs websites and develops SEO strategies.

He realized the demand for high-quality websites to bring in traffic and conversion while still in university. In response, he created a company that caters to these demands.

Stephen supplemented his education by working for various companies in this niche. This allowed him to stay on top of the ever-changing trends.

However, that is not all there is about Galgocy. For instance, he is an adept speaker of French amid growing up in an American household.

Aside from helping clients with quality websites, Galgocy also enjoys spending time with his family and playing music. Learn more about the founder, his accomplishments, and his expertise.

Personal Life and Education

He entered Montclair State University in 2008. During his tenure, he took up a major in Management Information Systems.

Although he founded Search Geek Solutions while studying, he still joined extracurricular activities. He enjoyed volleyball and swimming.

Galgocy further studied Google Analytics in depth. He later obtained a Google Analytics Individual Qualification in 2017. This allowed him to maximize Google’s free web analytics service to help his clients.

His pursuit of knowledge did not stop there. He also got a Google AdWords certification. This proves that Google recognizes him as an expert in online advertising.

Passing the assessment demonstrates that he has a basic and advanced understanding of the service.

To this day, he commits to attend industry conferences to gain new knowledge. He has a consistent goal of gaining a deeper understanding of online advertising.

Because of his devotion to constant learning, he now has expertise in various areas. This includes social media, PPC, organic SEO optimization, user experience, e-commerce, conversion optimization, and web analytics. He has also mastered different tools, such as WordPress, CSS, Webmaster tools, HTML, and CMS.

Galgocy’s years of experience also taught him how to be effective at keyword research and link building, two of the most important aspects of SEO. Clients have also acknowledged his knowledge of search engine ranking, keyword analysis, web marketing, landing page optimization, and webmaster services.

In his free time, he entertains himself with movies and TV shows. He also makes sure to spend time with his two young daughters and cherishing moments with his family. Galgocy has also made a name for himself in the music industry, which he still practices today.

Experience in Search Marketing and UX

Galgocy works at present as the owner at Search Geek Solutions LLC. He is also the Front-End Developer and UX Designer at Search Geeks.

The agency is an SEO consulting company that offers a wide array of services. It provides web design, social media marketing, search marketing, and brand development/strategy.

SG Solutions is a culmination of Galgocy’s years of experience in the field. With the help of his team of qualified individuals, it has helped many businesses get results.

It aims to help small and mid-sized businesses to get more sales. SG Solutions helps boost their online presence through a quality website. They then equip it with the right tools and vital SEO features.

Galgocy’s company main goal is to design high-ranking websites. Not only that, it should have a constant stream of traffic that convert to sales, which is achievable with a good SEO consulting company.

At the same time, he is also working as an Organic Search / User Experience Specialist at Digital Media Solutions. As such, he handles the organic SEO and quality of the lead generation services.

He has worn many hats throughout his career, but his specialty is search marketing. Fresh out of university, he first worked for 2 years and 5 months at Capitol Lighting as a Search Marketing Manager – Strategist.

Galgocy then had a brief stint at the Mount Sinai Health System. There, he developed the search strategy and he did advanced SEO audits for the website redesign. He also created the Organic Search Education for Mount Sinai’s Web Marketing Managers, content providers, and stakeholders.

He further developed his skills in search marketing at Sparkroom/DMS in New Jersey. He became a part of the company’s Organic Search team. His job included SEO audits, technical SEO, visibility analysis, site architecture, UX testing, content marketing, conversion optimization, and more.

Working with these companies and other clients allowed Galgocy to polish his skills. His experience and learnings made SG Solutions into a top social media marketing company. He also gained new knowledge on how to craft websites that bring results.

What Clients Say About Him

In every new project, Galgocy does not only bring his skills and knowledge to the table. He also exhibits professionalism and competence.

Clients have praised the marketing guru for his ability to explain the process in a clear manner. He follows through his promises, and he is always keen on applying every new learning to his work.

He is also generous in sharing his knowledge with his coworkers and clients. Galgocy can make presentations in a way that the people can follow the subject easily. His training materials have also helped other SEO specialists get to the next level.

Galgocy’s reliability and consistency do not fail to shine through in every project. That includes maintaining websites, editing, recording, and blog writing. His clients have commended him for being a valuable member of the team and for the quality of work he produces.

Stephen Galgocy as a Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist

When Galgocy is not being a search marketing guru, he is pursuing his love for music.

His career jumpstarted when he received an acoustic guitar on his 8th birthday. Having grown up in a musical household, he has roots in punk, rock, and folk with some hints of fusion, jazz, and trance.

In 2001, he formed the punk bank Everyday, which turned out to be a favorite in the town of Bethlehem, PA. He and three other members recorded an album in 2002.

Thus began Galgocy’s solo career. He crafted soulful melodies and eloquent lyrics about life and love.

His first self-titled album was a showcase of his roots, wisdom, and eclecticism. His gentle and raspy voice tied the whole album together, carrying raw emotions and exceptional vocal depth.

LV 2 Night even praised the singer in the past. It wrote that Galgocy’s works reflect his roots, captivating the audience with his original style.

“From the catchy hooks of U wake to the intricate melodies, harmonies and instrumental work on Chance and Skits, Stephen’s sound seems to intrigue fans young and old everywhere he goes.”

His first venture as a solo artist did not disappoint, and soon, he was performing all over the Tri-State area. By 2004 to 2005, Galgocy started performing in various venues. He performed at Hotel Bethlehem Tap Room, Hotel Bethlehem Split Rock Resort, The Fun House, Pontiac Grill, and The Banana Factory.

He also graced many colleges, such as Moravian College, East Stroudsburg University, Lehigh University, and Wilkes University. He also participated in Musikfest and Riverfusion among other community events.

Galgocy also had the opportunity to open for the “A Thousand Miles” singer Vanessa Carlton at the Theatre of the Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA. He has also worked with the singer-songwriter Ryan Cabrera at Crocodile Rock.

New Jersey and New York also saw him on a frequent basis. He made appearances at The Loop Lounge in NJ and CBGB’s 313 Gallery in NY.

He stopped recording new music for some time, but Galgocy did not stop making it. He started writing Synthwave music under the name Greyskull. He wrote and producedĀ Eighties KidsĀ  in 2017.

The retro synthwave album is available on Spotify and Amazon along with 2018 EP, Outpour.

Search Geek Solutions

Search Geek Solutions is a top social media marketing company in Montclair, New Jersey. The team consists of the Founder Stephen Galgocy, Graphic Designer and Photographer Michelle Clark, and Content Development Manager Mary Ann Simuangco.

Galgocy and his team do work for the client. They work with the clients and incorporate their feedback to develop high-quality solutions. Galgocy makes sure that their customers are with them every step of the way.

The company accumulated many customers over the years. They designed websites and provided lead generation services.

The team dedicates their time to expand their knowledge and experience by staying up to date with the newest strategies. As Google’s algorithm continues to change, so is the team’s knowledge of effective approaches.

Search Geek Solutions focuses on traffic and conversion. These are the vital areas that provide its customers with a powerful website presence for the good of both business and its market.

The team works on producing high-quality websites that fit the Google’s strict criteria. At the same time, the team makes sure that the website has the right features to convert traffic to sales.

For inquiries and a free consultation, clients may contact Stephen Galgocy and the team today.