7 Reasons Why Local SEO Is Hard For Small Businesses

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You have probably already heard the importance of local SEO for small businesses and most likely have implemented it as part of your marketing plan. After all, targeting your marketing efforts effectively is always beneficial to ensure you are reaching the right people. Nevertheless, this is not to say that local SEO is easy. It … Read more

What You Need to Know About Google’s Latest Changes to Meta Descriptions Length

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  How long should your meta descriptions be? That’s the million-dollar question webmasters everywhere are asking. It’s an understandable question. Google is continuing to tinker with meta descriptions throughout 2018. The issue is the greatest—Amount of characters allowed to describe the contents of a web page. But what is a meta description? And what is … Read more

Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Are you a new business owner looking to increase sales on your site? Are you an SEO agency looking to discover new tools to use for your MVT tests? SEOGadget has put together a great infographic that will answer these and many more questions about conversion optimization. A CRO infographic by SEOgadget.co.uk