What You Need to Know About Google’s Latest Changes to Meta Descriptions Length

seo meta description length

  How long should your meta descriptions be? That’s the million-dollar question webmasters everywhere are asking. It’s an understandable question. Google is continuing to tinker with meta descriptions throughout 2018. The issue is the greatest—Amount of characters allowed to describe the contents of a web page. But what is a meta description? And what is … Read more

Google’s Aug. 1 Medic Core Algorithm Update: What We Learned

google medic algorithm update

The interwebs are buzzing about Google’s latest algorithm update, the Medic Update. After the update, many sites reported rankings boosts, while others fell like a rock. How did your site fare? And who else was impacted by the Google algorithm Medic Update? Read on as we examine key findings from the Medic Update. We’ll also … Read more

Google Search Console Sends Out “Mobile-First Indexing” Notifications

We received notifications to email this morning about Mobile-First Indexing. Apparently a good percentage of sites managed are now officially indexed according to Google’s new Mobile-First Indexing algorithm. Here’s a screenshot of the entire message: They said it would happen and now it has. We will be sure to track visibility impact from this update. … Read more

Google Sends Out First Mobile-First Index Notifications

The first wave of Google mobile-first indexing notifications went out yesterday. For the first time since Google announced the rollout of the mobile-first indexing process just over a month ago, SEOs and webmasters are now getting notifications via Google Search Console of their sites being “enabled” for mobile-first indexing. The notification reads “mobile-first indexing enabled … Read more

A New AI Search Engine Lends Itself To Scientific Research Publications

Scientific papers come out so frequently that keeping up with the literature is a full-time job for anyone at the cutting edge of a significant field. Semantic Scholar, a free online tool developed under the guidance of Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, uses machine learning and other aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) to make the monumental … Read more

Search Geek Solutions Part of New Google Beta Program Called Google Posts

There’s a new feature popping up in Google search results called “Google Posts.” It’s a place for Google to directly host content in a post-Google+ world and to embed this content directly into search results. Imagine orphaned Google+ posts with the Google+ branding stripped out, and you’re most of the way there. Google Posts isn’t the official name … Read more

SEO NEWS: Google Penguin and Core Algorithm Update

It was announced that Google has updated its core algorithm to include Penguin as part of the real-time updates. If you’re not familiar with Penguin, it was launched in 2012 as a means to devalue sites / pages that receive spammy links, as well as analyzing potentially “over-optimized” pages on a site. (See the announcement … Read more