NJ Extends Cannabis Prohibition | What’s Next?


After the Legislative leadership postponed the vote ending cannabis prohibition on March 25th, headlines in the papers claimed, “Effort to Legalize Cannabis Collapses,” and “Marijuana Vote Postponement a Major Blow to Legalization Movement.” Everyday, conversations and negotiations continue amongst leadership, their staff and certain legislators to address the issues they need addressed. As we’ve said … Read more

What You Need to Know About Google’s Latest Changes to Meta Descriptions Length

seo meta description length

  How long should your meta descriptions be? That’s the million-dollar question webmasters everywhere are asking. It’s an understandable question. Google is continuing to tinker with meta descriptions throughout 2018. At issue is the greatest. amount of characters allowed to describe the contents of a web page. But what is a meta description? And what … Read more

Google’s Aug. 1 Medic Core Algorithm Update: What We Learned

google medic algorithm update

The interwebs are buzzing about Google’s latest algorithm update, dubbed the Medic Update. After the update, many sites reported rankings boosts while other sites fell like a rock. How did your site fare? And who else was impacted by the Google algorithm Medic Update? Read on as we examine key findings from the Medic Update. … Read more

Google Search Console Sends Out “Mobile-First Indexing” Notifications

We received notifications to email this morning about Mobile-First Indexing. Apparently a good percentage of sites managed are now officially indexed according to Google’s new Mobile-First Indexing algorithm. Here’s a screenshot of the entire message: They said it would happen and now it has. We will be sure to track visibility impact from this update. … Read more

Is Your Site Prepared for the Google Algorithm Updates of 2018?

google algorithm changes 2018

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to improve its user experience. In fact, the internet behemoth admits that it makes one or more updates a day to its algorithm. Trying to keep up with them all is practically impossible. That’s why most businesses focus on the big changes. Every few months, the company releases a … Read more

The Aftermath of Google’s Core Algorithm Update

  Google confirmed that they ran a “broad core algorithm update” in March of 2018. But there’s nothing new about these updates. They do them rather routinely. What makes this particular Google algorithm update noteworthy is that it impacted the appearance and rankings of some websites in the search results. And this caused some panic. … Read more

Google Sends Out First Mobile-First Index Notifications

The first wave of Google mobile-first indexing notifications went out yesterday. For the first time since Google announced the rollout of the mobile-first indexing process just over a month ago, SEOs and webmasters are now getting notifications via Google Search Console of their sites being “enabled” for mobile-first indexing. The notification reads “mobile-first indexing enabled … Read more