2021 Roundup: WordPress SEO

2021 was a massive year for changes and developments in WordPress search engine optimization. IIn this article, you will find some SEO tips for new plugins and techniques for WordPress that will help you optimize your website.

You need to take many steps to rank higher on search engines, and developing SEO-friendly behavior on WordPress is essential for that.

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Top Plug-Ins For WordPress SEO

For 2021, Yoast SEO received some of the best feedback for quality SEO plug-in features. These tools simplify the job of optimizing your website, making it stress-free and easier to manage by eliminating confusing work.

SEO plug-ins improve your site’s traffic, both in quantity and quality, boosting engagement and visibility in search engines. Because of that, investing in a good plug-in at the start of your optimization journey is essential.

Another honorable mention for SEO plug-ins is SEOPress, a cheap alternative covering all the basics. Also, WP Rocket for ranking higher in site speed, and Ubersuggest for improved keyword and domain research.

Investing in solid keywords is vital for growing your site. Today, general keywords have become weak as a method for high ranks and visibility, but they still play a role in it. Tools like Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, and SEMrush will help you find the best keywords for your SEO.

New Approaches to SEO

2021 also brought us new ways of looking at SEO and optimizing our website content to better fit our target market and audience.

Local search engine optimization is one of the developments you need to adopt to increase traffic and visibility to your site. Local SEO is the adaptability of your keywords to fit your geographical market. It targets audiences close to your business and ranks you higher on their searches.

This can be done by adding the name of your city/state on your keywords and a Google My Business page to your site.

There are specific WordPress themes that are more SEO-friendly than others. Those with a clean and straightforward HTML structure will help you with your SEO and when building the design of your page. More valid HTML also supports the everyday use of headings (h1, h2, etc.) and titles, both essential for optimization.

Also, they tend to facilitate social media sharing.

Another essential aspect to consider when working on your SEO is the structure of your URL. Cleaner and SEO-friendly URLs are easier to remember and rank higher on search engines for your clients. On WordPress, you can change the permalink of a page or blog post in settings.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

There are new changes and developments in WordPress search engine optimization each year. Following recent trends and discoveries is essential for growing your business and site.

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