Service-Based Businesses: What “Entity-Based SEO” Is And Is Not

entity seo

As simplified by Neil Patel (, entity SEO is “anything that could have a specific Wikipedia page about it.” Now, of course, this doesn’t mean: make a wiki page about your brand (although they may want to do this as an established brand, it’s not part of any viable SEO strategy) make wiki pages about … Read more

Optimizing Content For Voice Search Assistants

This is an excellent opportunity to discuss SEO related to other technology outside Google and Internet search. SEO stands for just that, “search engine optimization,” and prospects for SEO will include anything with a search engine, and that includes artificial intelligence (voice assistants, bots), ASO (app store optimization for iOS/Android), and niche search engines such … Read more

Google’s Aug. 1 Medic Core Algorithm Update: What We Learned

google medic algorithm update

The interwebs are buzzing about Google’s latest algorithm update, the Medic Update. After the update, many sites reported rankings boosts, while others fell like a rock. How did your site fare? And who else was impacted by the Google algorithm Medic Update? Read on as we examine key findings from the Medic Update. We’ll also … Read more

Google Search Console Sends Out “Mobile-First Indexing” Notifications

We received notifications to email this morning about Mobile-First Indexing. Apparently a good percentage of sites managed are now officially indexed according to Google’s new Mobile-First Indexing algorithm. Here’s a screenshot of the entire message: They said it would happen and now it has. We will be sure to track visibility impact from this update. … Read more

Google Sends Out First Mobile-First Index Notifications

The first wave of Google mobile-first indexing notifications went out yesterday. For the first time since Google announced the rollout of the mobile-first indexing process just over a month ago, SEOs and webmasters are now getting notifications via Google Search Console of their sites being “enabled” for mobile-first indexing. The notification reads “mobile-first indexing enabled … Read more

How To Always Stay On Top of Algorithm Changes in Google in 2018

  Keeping up with your Google algorithm changes is always a challenge, and 2018 won’t be any different. Google’s algorithm is shifting again. If you’re not prepared, you’ll be left behind and your search engine ranking will plummet. Without a good SEO strategy, you won’t make Google’s coveted first page. You might as well be … Read more

A New AI Search Engine Lends Itself To Scientific Research Publications

Scientific papers come out so frequently that keeping up with the literature is a full-time job for anyone at the cutting edge of a significant field. Semantic Scholar, a free online tool developed under the guidance of Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, uses machine learning and other aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) to make the monumental … Read more