A Quick Guide to Using SEO on Your Wix Site

Did you know that 97% of consumers find local businesses through a search engine? Potential consumers know what good or service they want, but with so many companies offering those same goods, search engines help them filter through the competition.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a crucial tool for any business to get traffic on their websites. You need to ensure that your business can be found through a high-ranking and appealing link.

The website building platform Wix is certainly growing in popularity. But there’s no guaranteed success without an effective Wix SEO strategy.

Are you a small business using Wix for your website? Are you seeking a guide to help you implement SEO on the platform?

Well, look no further. Here is your definitive guide to Wix SEO tools and how to make them work.

Understanding SEO

SEO is a digital marketing strategy designed to increase the quality of your website links, so they will seem more credible to both Google and potential consumers.

SEO Tips For Success

Various factors play a role in effective SEO strategy. Arguably, the most important aspect is keyword implementation. Researching keywords that people are searching for plays a major role in helping your site end up in their search results. You must use specific words and phrases to match up with consumers’ searches.

Other crucial SEO tips include using unique headers, using quality internal and external links, and creating a mobile-friendly site.

Local SEO Vs. Organic SEO

There are two different types of SEO: organic and local. The difference between the two is that while organic SEO is meant to increase your national or global traffic, local SEO allows you to connect with searchers in your area. Your goals will dictate the method you choose.

If you are a business eager to provide a service to your community, you’ll want to implement a local SEO strategy. However, this can be challenging. Your SEO budget is lower, media coverage and links are hard to acquire, and Google tends to favor big brands over local businesses.

That said, you should not give up on SEO because of those setbacks. If you have a site, you still want to gain traffic. Using keywords, making your site easy to navigate, and having a call to action (e.g. subscribe, call in, buy, etc.) are your paths to gaining traffic, even if it starts small.

Where Does Wix Factor In?

Implementing SEO with Wix has been problematic, mostly due to issues that the platform no longer has. While the site is still not ideal for advanced SEO, tools exist to make SEO work with Wix. Moreover, if you are a small business seeking to launch an adequate website fast, Wix could be perfect for you.

How To Effectively Implement Wix SEO

Has all of this piqued your interest? If you are a small business using Wix and trying to implement Wix SEO effectively, do you need help in making it work?

At Search Geek Solutions, we’re here to make the process easy. Our team of small business SEO experts will help audit your content, research your competition, and develop a strategic SEO plan to increase traffic to your site. Visit us today, and let us make SEO a breeze for you.