Should I Use Upwork To Hire An SEO Freelancer?

Are you in need of SEO expert? If so, then you might turn your attention to Upwork. This has become a popular resource, particularly for small businesses keen to outsource.

Through Upwork, you can find the freelancers you need for services like SEO. Upwork can be a great solution for finding a professional to help you build your business, but there are issues to consider here.

Upwork Explained


Using Upwork, your first task will be completing an ad for a job that you have. You’ll need to promote your desire to find an SEO professional who can help with your business. Immediately, this can be quite tricky because the ad has to provide all the information about the job without overwhelming the freelancer and appeal to the right experts in the field.

Once a job has been posted, you will often find that you get multiple responses from different freelancers. You will then need to pick the right person for the job.

You can choose based on their qualifications, experiences and even their past work. There’s going to be a lot of information to consider here and you will need to complete a thorough investigation to ensure that you have chosen the right individual to complete the work.

There are one or two benefits to this type of model. First, Upwork was formed when two freelance bidding sites partnered up. The resources allow you to set the price for an SEO task and then choose from the countless freelancers that respond.

As such, you could get the SEO service you need at a low cost. For other services, Upwork could be ideal, but for SEO it might not be quite the right fit. Here’s why.

SEO Uncovered


The factor to be aware of when exploring SEO is that it’s not one concept. SEO is an umbrella term with lots of different pieces. You won’t be able to achieve success with SEO by simply adding the right keywords. For this reason, many would argue that SEO is not a one-person job. On the contrary, you should have numerous specialists who have experience and knowledge in a vast range of different SEO areas who will be able to provide a comprehensive campaign.

Furthermore, SEO is constantly changing, especially with the barrier to entry with sites like wix, where a wix seo expert could really help. (Or a WordPress seo expert) The processes that worked last year won’t be effective today. So, it doesn’t make sense to rely on one individual who is able to provide a short term solution, even at a low cost. SEO is a solution that must deliver constant benefits to your business. If you only think in the short term, you’ll require another freelancer further down the line and this is going to cost you more money. As such, it can be a case of false economy.

Another issue is that you will need to pay a freelancer as soon as you complete the service. However, SEO solutions don’t provide instant results. It could be weeks or even months before you can determine whether the solution provided was a success or whether you wasted your money. Remember, Upwork freelancers, aren’t under contract. Once they have completed that one job, they are under no requirement to complete any more work for you.

Finally, SEO is incredibly complicated. So, even if you do decide to ignore the above issues, you’ll need to spend hours searching for the right professional. It will be important to ensure that they have the skills you need and you will only be able to guarantee this by completing a thorough interview. Usually, you will need to complete multiple interviews with different freelancers before you can find one that is suitable for your job.

Why Would You Need Upwork Experts For SEO?


At this point, you might be nervous about Upwork for SEO. However, you will still require an expert in this area. Maybe you’re interested in SEO for your wix or WordPress site? SEO is always going to play a vital role in your business. Forget about conversions for the moment, without SEO no one is going to find your site in the first place. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is, if they can’t find it, there are no sales.

SEO is essentially a roadmap for users which helps them navigate to your business. The right experts in SEO will ensure that you get the results you want. They will strive to deliver increases in traffic and improve your performance online.

How We Can Help


Instead of searching for hours on Upwork and spending days perfecting that job post, you can use our expert solution. We provide a comprehensive SEO service that you need without any of the wasted time. We’ll get right down to business, assess your goals and offer a scalable service that will match your budget.

With a flexible approach, we can build a campaign around your business goals and ensure the latest trends are used to maximize the potential of your budget.

With our support you can stop wasting time searching endlessly on Upwork and discover the SEO solution you need right now.