How To Always Stay On Top of Algorithm Changes in Google in 2018


Keeping up with your Google algorithm changes is always a challenge, and 2018 won’t be any different.

Google’s algorithm is shifting again. If you’re not prepared, you’ll be left behind and your search engine ranking will plummet.

Without a good SEO strategy, you won’t make Google’s coveted first page. You might as well be invisible!

What does 2018 have in store for you? We’re firing up our crystal ball to better help you prepare for the future!

Mobile is King

Smartphones debuted roughly 10 years ago. For better or worse, they’ve totally changed the way we live our lives.

That includes how we browse the web. The majority of web traffic – more than 50% – now comes from mobile users.

Making your site mobile-friendly needs to be your number one priority to keep on top of Google algorithm changes.

Fast is Best

We’ve come to expect everything to be at our fingertips at all times. It’s easy to say that the internet has made us impatient.

What do you do when you click on something interesting and you have to wait…and wait…and wait for it to load? You move on quickly.

The same thing will happen with your customers. Users that have to wait for your site to load are going to click away.


Get Ready for Voice Search

Voice search still isn’t exactly mainstream. There’s no doubt, though, that it’s set to have a big impact on rankings.

There are lots more “AI Assistants” entering the market every day. Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa are probably the most popular.

Why should you prepare for voice search? Wouldn’t it be just the same as regular searching?

Not at all. When people type, they tend to use a stiff query structure. Voice search is much more natural and sounds different.

Think of the difference between “restaurants nearby” and “where can I grab a bite to eat.” You need to rethink your keyword strategy to stay ahead of the curve regarding voice search.

Improve Your SEO

Aside from those big changes, there are a few bonus tips you can employ.

Follow Google bigwigs on social media. They’ll usually tweet or post about any updates and offer information.

Also, have a game plan in place for when things change quickly. Use an intuitive tool to conveniently track your site’s results.

Want more help navigating the tricky world of 2018 Google changes? Contact us today – we’re ready for the future, you can be too!